Wednesday 24 June 2009

when pianos try to be guitars.

devil's dyke - hove

today was a bit of a bleugh day in tam's head. not quite sure how and when it happened, but some darkness settled in and before i knew it i found myself crying over nothing and everything. hey, it happens. crying must be done sometimes. :-)

andy encouraged me to going for walks with him on devil's dyke which is this amazingly beautiful nature area in hove. i reluctantly agreed (was much more in a; hide my head under my duvet kind of mood but went anyway) and took my new d80.

it was breathtaking, both nature and andy, look at him:

ilovehimsoincrediblymuchitcan'tquitebeexplained ...

devil's dyke - hove

and, after our trip to devil's dyke, i did finally manage to record a song! :0) this is me singing 'northern lad' by tori amos.

free mp3 can be downloaded here:

oh! i want to buy a appalachian dulcimer! it'll be a string instrument i can play! (i can't play guitar anymore due to my RA hands you see).



  1. I'm glad Andy was there to help you out of the darkness. Joel does the same for me, thank goodness.

    You and your new D80 take marvelous photos! You captured some awesome moments of your day out.

    Are you able to take meds for the RA? After the baby is born maybe you can try Enbrel. It really helped me after my last RA flare up.

    The Appalachian dulcimer looks really fun, though. I've never seen one of those or heard one played that I recall.

    Hugs, Rischa

  2. thanks sweet rischa!!

    i take a low dosage of steroids for the RA, not ideal but it manages it. i was on methotrexate before which did really help.



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