Wednesday 30 March 2011

Magical Mythical Makings - Now Available on DVD & Self Study!

Hello beautifuls!

How are you doing? I've been really sick with the noro virus. I really don't wish this upon anyone, never felt this sick before!

Luckily I'm feeling a lot better at the moment though still a little shaky.

Anyhoo, my news is that ... (drum roll) ... M3 is now available on DVD & Self Study - so if you missed out on taking Magical Mythical Makings live, you can now take it in the self study group (and you'll get a shiny spiffy DVD as well!).

Come join me on a magical journey and explore the wonderful world of Goddesses, Fairies, Angels, Mermaids and Unicorns! Explore different surfaces and be inspired by the old masters like Klimt, Froud and Mucha!

200 Students have loved taking this course when it ran online in January & February of 2011!

The DVD contains over 14 hours worth of lessons showing you step by step how I create my paintings with helpful guidance on many mixed media techniques. You will learn how to work on paper, canvas, wood and how to make a wall-hanging! This course is simply filled with endless guidance and tips on how to make beautiful mixed media creations!

For more information and to buy now, go here:

This course is also part of a special offer deal if you're interested in buying more than one course, take a look here for special offers:

I hope you'll come and join the self study group for more magicky goodness!

Have a lovely rest of your day!

Hugs & Snugs

Tam x

Saturday 26 March 2011

Whispers & butterflies.


So, not sure if it is/was the supermoon or mercury about to go retro but the drama continued on sturdily in Tamland! Yesterday, poor Dylbee took a tumble down a slide and scraped his little face. We were in accident & emergency again (luckily he is ok but pretty badly bruised on his face). I also received a pretty distressing email and have been feeling sicker with coughing and sneezing than I ever have. When it rains it pours huh? :)

Still, there are bits of light, whispers and butterflies in the chaos. I met up with the lovely Tara yesterday and had a wonderful chat about spirituality. The weather has been stunning, blue skies and spring buds coming out of trees everywhere. Paint splashes and a burgundy red colour deep bleeding into my soul and I met a lady today who was 84 and she was fit like a 60 year old and told me she herself had a 60 year old daughter. That inspired me so much. I love it when 'old' people don't act or feel 'old' and just do their thing and just live brightly and lightly. I find that so uplifting! :)

art journal - march 2011

But, pregnancy hormones are definitely kicking in. As I was sitting in the car earlier a song by the late Michael Jackson came on (you are not alone, I am here with you, though we're far apart, you're always in my heart), and I couldn't help but cry. I feel sad when I hear MJ songs nowadays and I think the hormones are intensifying my emotions at the moment.

Dylan, though he had a tumble and he looks like he's been in a boxing match, has been in good spirits which means I've also been connecting with him more happily and deeply. He too made me cry today when he imitated something that I do without me prompting him. (I make 'houses' out of blocks for all his little figurines' and he tried to do the same thing and it was just super moving to me).

Anyway, within the chaos, I'm continually trying to stay in the touch with the butterflies. :)

Today was a bit easier.

Sending love. x

art journal - march 2011

(More new art journal pages HERE). xoxo

Tuesday 22 March 2011

Starshine on a string

art journal 2011

So, the last week and a half have not been easy in the land of Tam. It started off with me running a low level depression which evolved into a more darker depression and then transformed into a more lighter space (this afternoon), luckily. I've also had a really bad cold and have generally not been well physically (back ache and rheumatism flare up - no pregnancy sickness or anything like that btw, I didn't get sick with Dylan and looks like I won't with this one either, but I digress).

Dylan has been really sick though recovering now and he has been really difficult for me behaviourally. (yeah, if it's not the sleeping thing another difficulty will pop up, I've been told this is the story of parenthood .. sigh).

Basically, lately, everything with him is drama. Putting on clothes, changing his nappy, going in the pushchair, not being allowed holding a sharp knife, wiping his snotty nose, cleaning his face etc etc, it's all things he doesn't want to do and protests loudly and violently each time we attempt one such activity. (Mostly he cries or throws a tantrum of some sorts).

This is incredibly draining for me. I find it so so unpleasant to have this 'battle of wills'. And I feel so 'hard done' by because we, as parents, give Dylan so much freedom and choice compared to other parents and so it feels unfair that he won't cooperate with things as simple as 'putting on your trousers'. It zaps me of all energy, just one of those battles drains me for the week and they can happen several times in a day.

With all this comes; 1. self doubt ("what is we are doing so 'wrong' that makes him so defiant and non-cooperative?") 2. guilt ("i really don't want to be with him if he's like this, it zaps me from all my energy, i'm such a terrible mother, how can i not want to be with my own child?") 3. self judgement ("you are just too lazy and wary to discipline him properly") 4. confusion/ inner dialogue ("i don't want to shout at him/ get angry with him, i also know shouting isn't effective anyway - so what is effective? is gentle parenting just not getting us anywhere? i am incapable of being a 'nazi parent' - is either option then not desirable? am I just left between a rock and a hard place?") 5. exhaustion 6. sadness 7. depression.

art journal 2011

Now, before you start connecting to the difficult stuff, I am currently in a much better place as Andy, Dylan and I have spent an afternoon in the park together and Andy and I were able to really talk and think of strategies to deal with the situation (plus I had a chocolate icecream which always helps! ;)). So, the description of the difficulty above is all about the last week or so and has now changed. I think that the fact that I'm feeling lighter has also made me able to write because I was so down last week I could barely muster up the most basics of tasks.

Anyhoo: in summary: I've been having a tough time dealing with Dylbee's frustrations and needs for freedom and choice and as a consequence have been feeling really low because of it.

I know this is a common phase in toddlerhood (testing the boundaries and really wanting to gain independence), so I know we're not alone, but we do have a more unconventional approach to child rearing so it's not easy to find the gentler approach to sorting out these problems. I know distractions is a method and reinforcing positive behaviour etc, so we're on that, but still, the whole thing is not easy by any means.

I was saying to Andy earlier that I always thought it was a bit of a cliche when people said that 'parenting was the hardest job they had ever had' and now I know that to be a truth truer than true. It *is* the hardest job I've ever done, harder than market research, harder than working in a laundry factory (which I did once for 6 weeks when I was 16) and much harder than being a full time artist and online teacher. It is a relentless, sometimes painful, deeply frustrating, unforgiving job. It can zap you of all you have inside of you and more.

It is a spiritual slap in the face sometimes as it requires a 'giving in' and a 'letting go' of all that you deem is important to you. It requires a disappearing of self, a humility and an attitude to 'serve'. It is the ultimate zen practise. (And I suck at the whole thing, lol -> I'm sooooo resisting, resisting, resisting).

OF COURSE, there are the amazing bits too. It's like this parenthood thing lives on both sides of the spectrum, you have amazingly hard and amazingly joyous moments.

Like, when your toddler hides under a towel making funny noises or gives you a huge sloppy snotty kiss without you expecting it. Or when he snuggles up to you on the couch when he watches waybuloo. Or the way his face lights up when he goes down the slide or when he swings high on the swings. The way he shouts DAAAA DAAAA really loudly to get his daddy's attention. Or the way he suddenly likes daddy's couscous food. Or the way his hair sits like little Mohawks on his head and how he suddenly knows how to put a puzzle together. The way he lights up when he sees you because he hasn't seen you for 7 hours. There are a million amazing moments and a million difficult moments.

dylan on a swing :)

This is it. Sitting in the fire. This is all about presence, being with what is.

Friday night, I was in tears, just crying and crying. Same this morning, feeling absolutely miserable. And oh the irony of feeling that I'm going through my darkest (so far) time with Dylan the week after I found out I am pregnant again and thinking to myself: "effing hell what are we doing having a second one?!"

And then I look at the weekly pregnancy info and read that this baby is now the size of a blueberry and that is so cute in my head, I explode a little inside and there it is; the first real bonding. I have a strong feeling the baby is a blueberry girl, very cool if it's a blueberry boy too, but my senses say a girl. And I think about this blueberry girl and all my doubts dissipate, even though she too will probably not want to wear her trousers when she is 19 months old and she'll drive me to despair not wanting to sit in her pushchair or smearing yogurt and snot all over my trousers. And I'll realise again that it's about acceptance and giving in and going with what is and presence, awakeness and presence. That is the river, that is the flow.

But, this is also about self-nurturing and self love and knowing when to take that break before you break. And I'm well aware of that and I'm taking steps. I'm art journalling more and I made a few dollies and I'm taking it much easier with my work load.

The problem with me as well is that when I do catch a virus it impacts on my RA, so I both have to fight off a virus (feeling all snotty and coughing and sore throat etc) while also then flaring up with the RA - massive joint pains) AND I'm pregnant too which is exhausting. So, physically it's even harder to deal with an irate toddler who insists on stabbing himself with the sharpest knife he can find ...

Anyhoo, so I need rest, TLC, love, kindness, empathy, connection, belonging, self love and all them other nice things we tend to forget to give ourselves.

I think I may book myself in for a spa day soon (haven't ever done that before!), I desperately want a pedicure too now that spring is a'coming. :)

So, there you have it, that was my week and a half and the turmoils of my soul, aren't you glad you stopped by? ;)

And here some more of my new art.

art journal 2011

art journal 2011

Oh and look how cool my 'paint over collage' prints look!

paint over collage prints!

paint over collage prints!

And here a sneak peak at my booootiful dollie who I looove. The wig took me many hours and I ended up covered in mohair, including the insides of my nose. :) More on her soon. x


Thanks for listening pretty reader, I appreciate 'being heard' by you.


Oh ps. Andy is my starshine. He's so amazing in the middle of all of the dark stuff. He's my rock, my all. <3

Monday 14 March 2011

21 Secrets - Open for registration! yay!

Ola mah beauties and babes! :-)

Have you heard the good news yet? No? Well, here it is:

21 Secrets is Now Open for Registration!!

Won't you come and join us? It would make a Tam super dooper happeeeee! ! :-)

Join Now for Only $59!

Or read on, for more info!:-)

What do you get?

  • 21 Amazing artist women will be sharing their art journaling mixed media secrets with you! I am one of them! Yay! You will get 21 lessons, you read that right, TWENTY-ONE! Wow, that is a lot! :)

  • You will have access to all materials for 4 whole months!

  • You will be able to post you work and connect with other fellow students and teachers.

  • You will be able to take part in live chats.

  • You will make new friends

  • Learn loads.

  • Most of all; you'll grow creatively and have a bunch of fun!

What will Tam be teaching?

I'll be showing you how I created the page below! It's a paint over collage technique which I've come to love more and more lately. It covers several collage, paint and mixed media techniques and we do some soul searching (as usual) as well! :)

What happens to your money?

For transparency reasons I want to explain how the money thing works. Each artist has been given an affiliate link by Connie from dirty footprints studio who is heading this project. Each time someone buys a course space via one of the links the associated artist gets a commission fee. So, if you click on my links I'll get some money of your course fee or if you click on one of the other artist's links they get the commission.

Now: don't worry or feel awkward, we understand you may want to contribute to many of us. The good thing is: we don't see who you pay through! We only get a notification that someone signed up via our links, but we don't know who. So there is no need for awkwardness or worry on your part. :)

Obviously, I'd LOVE it if you chose to purchase your course place through my link (butterfly happy) but I can understand if you wanted to support another one of the amazing artists on the list. :) All up to you! :)

Have you decided yet that you'll join? :) --->

Join Now for Only $59!


I feel really excited to be part of this awesome workshop, I hope you'll join us!

Huggasnuggs x

Tam x

Sunday 13 March 2011

The secret is out! :D

Eeeeee! We're pregnant again! Crazy right? And this time round it happened aux naturale! (Some of you may know/ remember that Dylbee is an IVF baby). I never thought we'd manage naturally although no particular major problem was ever detected for us, we just didn't conceive!

The funny thing was that after wavering from yes to no to yes to no on the subject on 'shall we have another baby', Andy and I finally decided to have another and met with the IVF clinic on 2nd of March discussing another embryo transfer not knowing that we were actually pregnant already at that point! :) How cool is that?

We are both really pleased and excited, it also feels a bit unreal and we're in the very early stages yet. (We always tell instead of waiting 3 months as we figure we can use the support through the pain if something goes wrong). I keep forgetting that I'm pregnant again, ha ha! And, I've forgotten loads of things from the last pregnancy (like what you should avoid eating etc).

I am over the moon and I do hope it's a girl this time as I would like to experience both a boy and girl child, but if it does turn out to be a boy it'll be awesome too of course! :)

So, wish me luck with this new little one, my heart is full of love for him/her already. :D

Oh, been doing some digital uplifting creations! Here are they, hope they make you feel good about YOU today. Have a happy Sunday one and all. :) x

you are a beautiful child of the universe

don't be afraid of how awesome you are

doo doo doo

don't be afraid of how awesome you are

my love, strength and support go out to the people of japan

Friday 11 March 2011

My life, my art, my stars.

mother and daughter

Hello land o' blogsies.

Where was I? Well, since I last blogded (it's a word cus I say so ;)), stuff has happened which I would've liked to have blogded about, but no time. So much for updating once a week! Meh. Mooh. I'm gonna change Meh to Mooh, much more fun, that cow association. ;)

Ok, since I last wrote, Andy and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary on 16th February. I created a book for his birthday (in January) with contributions from all his friends, it is an awesome book. This was my contribution to the book. My everything about him him him, the love of my life. I wanted to share it here as he is a magic human and I want the world to know:


Because you sing 'Bommadee Bear' with me on difficult car journeys to Ikea. Because you don't mind cleaning my hair from the shower drain over and over and over again. Because you make me smile wide. Because you call me 'grumpy little butterfly' when I am in a bad mood. Because you dance so sweetly with Dylan. Because you co-wrote 'Stinky Mason' with me. Because you are compassionate, patient, kind. Because you think your IT skills are better than mine even though they aren't. Because you are the best cook in the world. Because you are sensitive and considerate about all my hang ups and issues. Because you talk to me, really talk to me. Because you listen to me, really listen to me. Because you keep searching, deep within. Because of how you love Dylan. Because you are true to our authentic way of living. Because you're still here and you're still going strong even though it's not been easy. Because of your enthusiasm and support for my art work. Because you are despatch. Because of 'you got your worlds, your journals, your faces'. Because you talk about your pain with me. Because you understand. Because you take Dylan in the mornings and let me sleep for another couple of hours. Because you invented 'the oodlebub'. Because you are awesome at making up silly song lyrics. Because you're quick to point out that I suck at making up silly song lyrics. Because you love me fiercely and passionately. Because you make me feel beautiful no matter how I look. Because of Mr Pickles, Big pickles, humpy bumpy lumpy, ellie-ant, monkey & bunny. Because of 'The Art Teacher'. Because of Sri Lanka. Because of prickly beard kisses. Because you own 'the best place in the world' (your neck). Because of your amazingly long arms which you stretch out when you dance. Because you never pee on the toilet seat. Because you let me pronounce some English words incorrectly and relish in the hilarious pronunciation (opaque - ohpacky). Because you watch 'Friends' with me. Because of 'Bird Guhl'. Because of the 16th February (ok and also the 20th July). Because you kissed me at Bank Station. Because you think I'm funny (sometimes). Because you are on this incredible parenting journey with me. Because you don't mind it when I'm stinky. Because you cry during father and son movies. Because you dress Dylan in the most atrocious clothing sometimes. Because you are pretty. Because you do the laundry and the dishes. Because you are committed to non-violence, processing, personal growth and self-awareness. Because you look handsomely delicious in a suit. Because you dream. Because you are an amazing dad. Because you always lose your wallet. Because you are lovely lovely lovely. Because you are patient with the messes I create. Because you accept that everyone in the house 'has a room' but you. Because you 'birthed' the hurwarwra monster and sing the 'Dylan and Daddy - having a good time - over the sea' song. Because you too like peggle (but you're not as good at it as me! ;)). Because you snore cutely when you sleep. Because you introduced me to the parsnip, because you introduced me to NVC, because you are everything I have ever searched for in a friend, companion, husband and soulmate. Because of all of those reasons, I made you this book, to express my admiration, love and complete devotion to you.

Je t'adore forever always.
xoox Tam

I did lots of new art, amongst which is my new mixed media art doll statue with which I am SO happy. :) Initially I wasn't too happy with the wig, but after styling the hair I now really like it. I absolutely love what I did with the body and how it's so similar to the mixed media grungy paintings I do. :) I wasn't sure how to achieve grunge on a 3d object as you can't brayer on it, but I found ways! :) let me know what you think of this lil lady! :)

You Matter 8

You Matter 7

You Matter 10

You Matter 5

You Matter 11

You Matter 4 - back view

(she will be up for sale soon if anyone is interested!)

Additionally I've done a few more 'paint over collage' paintings, for me there is so much expression in these and I can put so much of my soul and deeper stuff in these. I'm a little addicted!

the lady and the wolf

Timeless Wisdom

Remember I'll be teaching this paint over collage technique in the 21 Secrets Workshop for which registration starts this Monday! :) I'll be sending out an email on my ning site with all info on Monday and a blog post too! :)

Oh, there is so much more that I have to share, but it's late and I have to go to bed because the little man will get up at 5am again.

I will leave you for now with a 30 minute video of Dylan (oh and some pics of us too that I hadn't shared yet), I spent last weekend filming little bits of what we did with him (it's mostly him on slides and doing some monkey climbing, very fun). Oh I also included the intro to the paint over collage lesson for 21 secrets as it was so funny how he kept interrupting me. I made this video mostly for my parents, but you guys may also be interested, it's quite fun to see him so busy! He's nearly 19 months old now and is our amazing little star!

I'll be back soon for part 2 of the tam update.


deesha & mummy

deesha & mummy

I have very exciting news that will get its very own blog post soon!

I hope everyone is well, sending you sparkles & muffins!


My love strength and support goes out to all the people of Japan.


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