Wednesday 25 February 2009

your divinity

oh hai. :)

new art, new art vid. yay.

embrace your divinity! detail

embrace your divinity!

and the making thereof:

buy: etsy

fankyou for watching divine people.

Monday 23 February 2009

fly, soar, believe! :)

new art! i love these, i did more and different things with the background and i added beeswax on again, i so love beeswax!

Fly, Soar, Believe


(click on pics for bigger versions and details).

prints for sale of course!


Wednesday 18 February 2009

Monday 16 February 2009

tamdy love

♥ andy & tam ♥

4 years

- the most amazing 4 years of my life -

Tuesday 10 February 2009

blueberry muffin soup

hi guysies. i love you.

i'm a bit behind in responding to comments/ emails and reading people's journals, bear with me, i will get to it! :) i had some trubbles with my latest youtube vid recently, it just wouldn't compile last night, i was up until 2am. then when i did finally upload to ootoob it looked all crappy, but that is resolved now. pfew. anyhoo, here is my latest batch of art journal entries and my latest art video. xxx

art journal summary

art journal
this one isn't really finished yet ..

art journal

art journal

art journal

art journal

art journal

art journal

art journal

art journal

art journal

art journal

art journal

art journal

art journal

art journal

art journal

art journal

art journal

art journal 2009

oh also:

hug me girl

isn't she the cutest? :-)


Friday 6 February 2009

butterflies and basketballs

Passionata - Detail

ok, i need more trumpet music in my life. i ♥ the beginning of 'everybody wants to be a cat' by disney (so sue me).

i'm enjoying twitter more and more, do add me if you're there i'm here;

New art art ART art ARTART crazy mania. while i've been at home (no more london work yay) i've been doing some new artsy things, looooookit;

ok, i did this journal entry:

in which i used lace and paint and messy stuff and liked it SO much that i wanted to create an abstract painting based on it! and i created the first ever abstract painting that i actually liked! (i've done quite a few more in my life but never really liked them!), this is it:




Passionata - Detail

original for sale in my etsy shop here

ALSO, i created MAGNETS out of my art! how cool is that?!


they're for sale here

they are just so cool! :-)

more art:

Princess on a Swing

prints for sale here

original still for sale too, if you want, let me know!

and this one is quite suzi inspired:

Butterfly Girl

original for sale here

working hard on my online art classes that start end of feb!! i'm reposting the promo in case some of you haven't seen it yet (i'm so very excited about the whole thing, only 3 more weeks or so before it starts, yay!):

BTW; you can also join my NING network if you don't want to join the course! there are other groups there which you don't have to pay for and can still pick up some interesting tips and hang out with other artsy people! so come join:

so, that was it, oh but also; i love houmous, avocados, snow and basketballs. ;)

love to you. ♥


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