Friday 30 September 2011

Last 3 Life Book Teachers!

Oh you guys!!

Chaos has ensued and I have been much too caught up with programs crashing on me and trying to get stuff organised before the weekend, so sadly I won't be able to introduce you to the last 3 LB teachers in depth, BUT, I will quickly list them here with piccies for you to see and links to their blogs because they too are doing give aways! (Andy is away this weekend, so I have Dylan all by myself and won't be able to do much on computer).

ALSO, there is a change to the date of registration! Instead of opening the doors to Life Book on Monday, we start opening our doors (with welcoming muffins inside) TOMORROW ALREADY! Woop woop! So keep an eye out tomorrow. I'll be announcing it everywhere I can! :)

So, the last 3 beautifuls who'll be joining me/ us on this Life Book Journey, are:

Samantha Kira (journalgirl)

Give Away will be held here:
*give away will be up later today - keep checking back*

Jane Davenport (artomologist)

Mystele (allround wonderful person)
Give Away location:
*sorry, I thought Mystele's give away was up already, but I think she scheduled it for Sunday!*

Have a lovely weekend all!! :D 

Hugga hugga!!! 

Tam x 

Thursday 29 September 2011

Inspiration Station: Guadalupe Brizuela Cabal - Introducing the Life Book Teachers

Good day ya'll!

How is it going? It's scorching hot here in Brighton, UK! How odd no? Almost October and now they decide to bring on summer. Ok, not complaining, just bemused and I can't really enjoy it as I'm stuck indoors all day working on Life Book! :)

Well, today I have 2 bits of news. 1 is a little sad, though ok, the other is another happy introduction to another Life Book Teacher.

  1. Sadly, due to personal circumstances and being all together too caught up with her own business, family life and other, Goddess Leonie will not be able to take part in Life Book anymore. :( As sad as I am about this, I also really understand her predicament and wish her all the best with all her adventures and endeavours!

    This also means other exciting things, such as, I'm now looking for a replacement teacher for her and this is going to be a SURPRISE/ MYSTERY teacher! Who this new teacher will be, will be announced in the next 3 months. Bonnie Rose will be replacing Leonie's spot for the first month of January (she's very suited for the Goddess theme and a highly skilled painter, artist and teacher, so I'm super happy about this!) And the new mystery teacher will be allocated to another month later in the year! :) So, though I'm sad about Leonie not joining us, I'm also excited about the new possibilities! :D 

2. Now: time for another Life Book Teacher introduction! Today, I shall be letting you know all about the talented Guadalupe Brizuela Cabal! Hailing from Argentina, Guada produces amazing Mandalas. She is less so known in the English-speaking art world, but a very well-respected mandala teacher in the Spanish-speaking art world! She has a spiritual and healing approach to life, and has found that she can invoke a calming and healing meditative state of mind through the creation of her colourful mandalas.

What I love about her work

I myself have dabbled in creating some mandalas here and there, but I've never gone into great depth with them. Though I truly love what they represent and the healing and calming effects they have. So I am extra excited to have Guada on board, because not only does she produce the most mesmerising mandalas (look at the beautiful shading and colours she uses!) but she is also very skilled in explaining step by step how to go about making these beauties.

I really enjoy the precise geometry in her mandalas, they have such a 'perfect' quality. I love the attention to detail she gives every single mandala she creates.

What I love about Guadalupe

Dedicated, persistent, perceptive and kind, are just a few words that come up for me when I think of Guada. Also: adorable. :) She is often worried and nervous about her English, as she is a Spanish speaker, but I'm always impressed with how well her English is!

I haven't known her for that long, but since we've been communicating she's been lovely, caring and considerate in all her communication. I've also seen her lessons in action and I enjoy her on the screen and how she teaches. :)

I'm super happy that Guada, too will be part of Life Book as she'll really add to it with her special take on how to design your own, beautiful and healing Mandala! :)

She too is holding a GIVE AWAY ON HER BLOG! So go check it out and enter her give away if you want to win a space on Life Book!


Just so you know:
If you join Life Book, you will also -periodically- be given high quality jpeg images of uplifting digital art which you can print out and hang up on your 'Rainbow Pin Board'.
Just another extra perk for Life Book members! :) 

One of the uplifting images you'll be able to print out and hang up is this one: 

I don't argue with Soul


Wednesday 28 September 2011

Inspiration Station: Wyanne - Introducing the Life Book Teachers


Have you noticed it's full moon day? I have - bits of chaos flying at me from quite a few sides of the universe, but did I cower and hide? Nooo, like a [mighty pregnant] superhero woman, I put on my blue and red cape and warded off the meteorites and alien attacks with rainbow cakes and banana muffins, wait, what? Nevermind. Chaos was truly dealt with in a most eloquent way (though I am now worried the baby might come out looking like a chocolate bar - uhm). ;)

Aloha my art friends. Registration for Life Book is only days away and I'm excited to introduce you to another Life Book Teacher, namely, the uber super awesome: Wyanne

I know, just reading her name makes you excited right? Many of you will be familiar with her whimsical, slightly retro, colourful, funtastic work!

Also, her art videos on youtube have reached and inspired many! I came across Wyanne quite a few years ago and instantly fell in love with her work and her videos could entertain me for hours!

What I love about her work

Well, of course, I'm a big lover of the whimsies, and Wyanne's art can't get more whimsy or quirky. Look at those awesome pipi longstocking socks the girl on the right is wearing! It's those kinds of details that leave me tickled pink.

Her design, composition, use of colours all inspire me. The topics and themes of her paintings, like friendship, connection, dreaming etc often completely touch me and draw me in.

I love her use of mixed media techniques, she uses a wide variety of materials, from alcohol to inks to collage papers, you name it, she'll use it!

Her art has a magical whimsy quality that makes me instantly happy! :)


What I love about Wyanne
I can see a trend coming up in the people I enjoy working with, they all possess qualities of kindness and authenticity! :-) Wyanne fits the group perfectly having similar qualities. She's open and willing to collaborate and share with you. She is genuine and honest about what goes on for her. She's connects with people in lovely ways on her blog and creates the most wonderful art videos where in you really feel you connect with parts of *her* through her art and video. She is also thoughtful about life and introspective, sometimes a bit of a dreamer at other times: a serious thinker, if I gauge correctly :). I appreciate people thinking about life and 'what it all means' and she is one of those. 

I am super proud and happy that she too will be contributing to Life Book

Aaaaaand, she too is holding a give away!! With 4 prizes! One of which is a place on Life Book! :D Woop woop! 

She also did an awesome little video about Life Book and her up and coming class. To see the video and to enter in her give away make sure to visit her blog HERE.

I hope you are all well lovely people. I appreciate all your support and lovely comments about Life Book that I'm reading on all the blogs. :D 


Want to find out more about Life Book? 


Tuesday 27 September 2011

Inspiration Station: Effy Wild - Introducing the Life Book Teachers

Yo groovy art gang! :-)

Though dear Dylan woke up at 5am this morning and I got little sleep with the whole 'have to pee every 30 minutes or so' thing, I feel pretty good and awake today. Ha. Been working hard on the Life Book Promo Video (which I always love doing, but it takes for - ev - ah).

Oh, wanna see how freaking pregnant I am? Brace yourself:

Yeah, see that enlarged basketball there? It's heavy. Makes it impossible to walk (I now roll places), breathe or do anything other than eating chocolate biscuits, wait, what? Nevermind. ;)

So, taking a break from that (from promo video, not chocolate biscuit eating or pregnancy), I can now introduce you to another fabuloustastic Life Book Teacher and human being extraordinaire; the glorious, raw, beautiful and wild Effy! :-)

Passionate, kind, fierce, searching and growing. Effy inspires the heck out of me with her approach to life. Hailing from Canada, she is a community leader, artist, writer (she has a brilliant way with words) and is a survivor. A strong, beautiful, example of a woman who's gone through some tough stuff, but came through it wiser and more empowered.

She uses her art journal for expression and healing purposes. She enjoys bringing the mystical side of life into her art and process which gives her art that much more depth.

She runs her own ning community with her 'Spiritual Creatives' over at:

What I love about her work

Like no other, Effy's work is a true extension and raw expression of herself. She is thoughtful, willing to be open, willing to challenge, and so is her work. What you see and get in Effy is what you see and get in her work. It is an honest representation of her inner world which then invites you to be open and honest too.

Primarily a journal artist, Effy combines a variety of mixed media techniques to send a message, often about what is up for her, but also, to reach out to you.

I also enjoy her use of colour and composition. :)

What I love about Effy

I kind of already described what I love about Effy, but let me say it again: I admire her strength, resilience, willingness to be raw and open, grow, be beautiful and vulnerable. She has a kind and giving heart and is incredibly eloquent with words and self expression. 

I love that she'll be part of Life Book as she'll add exactly a kind of spark that you'll love too! :) 

Oh and hang on, she too is holding a GIVE AWAAAAAY! :)) Yup yet another give away people! Woah! :) 


Want to learn more about Life Book? 

Sunday 25 September 2011

Inspiration Station: Juliette Crane - Introducing the Life Book Teachers

Aloha lovely reader.

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday! Mine was fun with a morning 'off' and I was able to do some 'messy art' for myself! Yay.

Todays' post is all about the lovely Juliette Crane, another one of the awesome Life Book Teachers!

Juliette is one of those people with a zest for life! Visit her blog and you'll see how she appreciates all facets of life. In addition to being a brilliant artist, she is also an avid photographer, she often posts daily photographs of her surroundings and life experiences.

I simply love her quirky, whimsical paintings, have a peek below, you'll see what I mean! :)

What I love about Juliette's work

In addition to her paintings having that really sweet whimsical style, there is a touch of sparkle and magic there which really draws me in. She loves creating paintings with animal creatures, such as owls, lions and elephants. Little whimsy girls are often a topic too and all her characters capture that beautiful magical spark. Like you're walking into a world of wonder and mystery.

I also enjoy her layered approach to painting,  she sometimes posts progress shots on her blog and I always thoroughly enjoy following her process!

What I love about Juliette

Her love for life, her passion for her art and her joyful approach are a few things that stand out for me when I think of Juliette. I don't know her that well, but I get a general light and happy vibe from here whenever I communicate with her or visit her blog.

I can't wait to join her lesson for Life Book and I'm super proud and happy that she'll be one of the guest teachers!

She too is doing a GIVE AWAY on her blog! Come check it out HERE, if you want a chance to win! :)

Saturday 24 September 2011

Inspiration Station: Adriana Almanza - Introducing Life Book Teachers

Duuuudes, I'm *even* finding time on a Saturday to do a blog post! Impressive no? Well, Dylbee is asleep, so I have some time to introduce you to another wonderful artist. Many will have heard of her before, yes yes, it's the talented and giving Adriana Almanza!

With her remarkably beautiful looking 'big-eyed' dollies (as she calls them) Ady is an inspiring force in the mixed media art community. Originally from Mexico but now living in Germany, she runs her own ning network and classes in which she teaches how to approach creating a paintings like hers.

What I love about her work

Gosh, her girlies have such a mesmerising, beautiful quality about them. Ady's skill when it comes to shading and adding depth to her portraits is fantastic. Each girl has soul and beauty. I can be endlessly fascinated with the details in her paintings, from hair strands to the subtle detailed highlights in their eyes; it's all so beautiful applied with a sense of dedication.

You can just 'feel' the love that Ady puts into these girls. Each one has their own personality and a special message to send you. I love that I can recognise Ady's style anywhere, it's a very well developed style.

Her less whimsical girls that look more realistic and less big-eyed, have a beautiful sassiness about them as well.

Ady has both a way with colour and can produce really beautiful black and white pieces as well.

What I love about Ady

Ady has an open, giving and generous quality about her. Whenever I communicate with her, there is nothing but openness and kindness present. She appears willing, joyful and kind. She has an incredible passion for art and painting which - if you follow her on FB - you'll know as there is a new painting in her journal or on her easel almost every day! I'm so happy she'll be part of Life Book

And she too is doing a GIVE AWAY! Click HERE, to win one of her prizes on offer! :) 

Do you want to find out more about Lifebook?

Click on this image:

Friday 23 September 2011

Inspiration Station: Bonnie Rose Bryan - Introducing Life Book Teachers

Wooooooop woop, it is I again! :D

Aaaand today I'm gonna talk about the fairy being that is Bonnie Rose Bryan!

This is me and Bonnie and Iris, we met up a couple of weeks ago! Hee! It was so much fun!

I first got to know Bonnie Rose in the early days when many of us were just starting up ning networks (Gary Reef was one of them and Bonnie Rose was an admin on his site for a while). That's when I first noticed her gentle spirit. Gentle, full of genuine care, glitter and kindness. And you know me and kindness: I am like a magnet to it! :)

I can't remember how it came about exactly, but some time later, she offered to run a 'whimsical watercolour' workshop on my ning and she became an enthusiastic administrator on my site. We've been buddies ever since! :D

Watercolour paints being her staple, she predominantly likes creating whimsical fairy paintings but also does portraits, paints mugs of coffee and cute little animal creatures amongst other topics!

What I love about Bonnie's work

I admire both Bonnie's technical skills as well as the moods she conveys in her beautiful paintings. The fairy/ mystic/ magical realm comes with a twilight sort of atmosphere and she conveys that so well in her pieces. The people/ characters she paints come with a personality and sometimes a 'broodiness', and you wonder what would happen should you open the door to their souls. :)

I'm also very drawn to her "cute" paintings (I own one of her paintings with a little drummer bunny in it, it's adorable!). There is so much play, fun and innocence in her cute paintings! She took part in one of our ATC swaps (and I was her lucky partner) in which she created 2 'cute little houses', my oh my, they are cute. This type of art, just reaches the innocence and playfulness in me.

 Her portraits, are otherworldly with so much attention to detail:

And there is another style she does well, which I'm not sure if this contains some acrylics and/or crayons as well, but it's more mixed media messy which, that too, she does so well! (Or maybe it's a dryer way of using watercolours?) Not sure. Anyhow, I love the style!

What I love about Bonnie

Well, first up: she is made of stardust, and you know them stardust type creatures, can't not love them, can you? ;) But more seriously; she too is deeply compassionate, kind, caring. I often receive a lovely little handmade card by her in the mail, just out of the blue for no reason whatsoever other than her wanting to bring a bit more love and sparkle in the world. She also hand knitted me fingerless gloves and knitted giraffe hats for Dylan and babe nr 2! Now, I know it's not all about the material stuff, but it just illustrates a kind of selflessness in Bonnie that I  admire and love - a lot.

She sparkles, she glitters and is allround just lovely and kind. :)

I'm SO happy she's going to be part of Life Book! You'll learn a lot from her awesome skills!

She's currently not scheduled a give away yet, but there might well be one coming up, so keep checking out her blog over here:

You can now download an introduction/ information PDF pack to Life Book - it contains the full yearly class schedule as well!! Click on this image to download the PDF:

Thursday 22 September 2011

Inspiration Station: Jodi Ohl - Life Book Teacher Introductions!

Ola beautifuls!

It's me again. And I'm back with another introduction to another fantabulous LB Teacher, it is the effervescent: Jodi Ohl.

Jodi, published in many a magazine and book, has this alluring style of whimsy mixed with grungy mixed with sweetness. :) She is about to embark on a new journey which is taking her into being an artist full time! (This week is her last day at work, she's about to take the big plunge into a bottle of purple paint, I'm sure! ;)).

From cute little owls, to cupcakes, to little adorable houses, to colourful flowers in quirky compositions, Jodi's art has a way to make you smile, and free you up on the inside and connect with the lighter and brighter things in life! :) I look at her art and can't help but grin. 

What I love about her work

I kind of hinted at it already, but Jodi's work has a way of making me smile and connect with a moment of lightness. Happy is the word I should use, yes happy. Jodi's art = happy art. But, it's not just happy, because again: mixed media layering, 'grunge' and distressed effects add that extra bit to her happy happy paintings. The mixed media 'styling' of her paintings add the depth to the joyful side of her quirky whimsy themed paintings. Also: her colour choices do really draw me in. Vivid, bright and attractive; it's all there!

What I love about Jodi

From what I glean from Jodi's life, she has a brave heart and is a really dedicated mother with 2 awesome little boys (we'll be in the same boat soon, both with 2 boys!) Brave, because of taking the plunge into the bottle of purple paint (leaving her full time job at a bank) and I follow her on FB and read about her artistic and family life in which she comes across as a loving, caring mother as well as person. I'm also enjoying her passion for art, her enthusiasm for the Life Book project and her willingness and openness to collaborate with other artists. 

And guess what? She too is doing A HUGE GIVE AWAY ON HER BLOG RIGHT NOW!  

Click HERE, if you want to win a spot on Life Book or one of her original paintings! 

I'm very excited about having Jodi take part in teaching on Life Book, I'm sure you'll enjoy her lesson(s) too! :) 

More tomorrow groovy people! 

with Love
Tam xoxo 

Oh, don't forget, this -> 

Wednesday 21 September 2011

Inspiration Station: Connie Hozvicka - another Life Book Teacher!

Hey groovy art gang!

Are you impressed with my daily bloggings? I am. I usually only manage one blogging a week, if that! :) So, here I am with another super awesome Life Book Teacher to introduce to you!

Today, it's the wonderful Connie Hozvicka (from who many of you may already be familiar with! Creator of 21 Secrets, yogini extraordinaire, Total Alignment artist painter and now soon a mama to be! (yesss, how exciting is that?!). :)

I am not sure when I first came across this lovely human being, but I got to know her a lot better when I was invited to teach over at 21 Secrets. Yet another one of those fabulous human beings who are trying to live by their true inner nature (or creative source as she calls it). Authentic, true to herself, searcher and spiritual adventurer. Connie is one of those fascinating people who through her art and spiritual journeys continue to inspire and encourage you to find yourself within yourself and your art. 

What I love about Connie's Art

In one word: freedom.

Her art, to me, speaks of freedom. It's visible in the brush strokes, in the expressive colours, in the swirls, in the meditative application of paint. Freedom and expression.

And she is so clear about this herself: she is outing her inner parts, her truthful most inner parts and pours them into the paintings. I don't know how not to love that. The intention is to touch, connect with and express 'creative source' and well, I can see that in her paintings.

What I love about Connie

She too, is kind. Authentic and kind people touch me at my core. She's one of those. I've had many email communications with her over the year and all are written with a sense of care, consideration and compassion. Kindness and compassion wins me over in a heartbeat.

I also absolutely love how she continually evaluates her own approach to life, how she responds to events, how she is a true example of someone who never stops developing herself and someone who will look the hurdles of life in the eye and then says: "ok, I accept, let me see what I can learn from this". I have goosebumps writing this! :)

Above all: she is true. True to herself, true to her aspirations, to her 'creative source'. That, I love and admire a lot. :)

Learn more about Connie here: - as she's currently going through the first phases of pregnancy she's not feeling too well, but I know that she too will likely at some point be holding a give away! So keep checking back on her blog. :-)

I am so happy she'll be part of Life Book! I am sure you too will love her lesson!

Have a lovely day all! Tomorrow another LB Teacher to be introduced! :) xoxoox Tam

If you want to find out more about Life Book which goes on sale 3rd October, CLICKY HERE

Muffin Hugs

Tuesday 20 September 2011

Inspiration Station: Rhomany - Introducing Life Book Teachers

Hello again! :)

Today I want to introduce you to another Life Book Teacher, the awesome Rhomany from Rhomany's Realm. 

Rhomany was one of the first people to be actively involved on my ning site ( when I first set it up. She was supportive, enthusiastic and incredibly helpful allround. I remember thinking that this girl was a fountain of information. Have a question about a particular art material? Rho will know the answer. Want to find out about how to best print your art work, Rho will know. Want to know anything IT related, Rho will point you in the right direction! :)  She is one of those people you can rely on to help you with a smile on her face!

With a background in teaching both art and IT, having someone as willing to help and as knowledgeable as Rho around is extremely comforting and uplifting. No wonder she became an administrator on my ning site pretty soon after she became a member! :)

What I love about her work

Rho is an avid journaler and mixed media artist with an ever-evolving range of styles (her words!) She also makes her own journals (and teaches how you can do it too!) and she is the creator of the cute little 'Rosie & Marmalade' illustrations as well!

As I've always been drawn to children's illustrations and the whimsy/ cute style, I love some of her whimsy paintings. I even purchased one of her prints which I still adore!

 I also enjoy her attention to detail. For instance in the piece: 'Not all who wander are lost', it feels like every part of the gypsy girl has been given the same amount of attention as any other part. Which to me always makes a painting feel loved and cared for and makes it whole.

Rhomany also has a way with lettering, words and handwriting in her journals. I am always fascinated with what type of lettering she'll use or how she places the words in relation to other elements in her art journal.

What I love about Rhomany
I kind of already hinted at many of Rho's positive qualities in earlier paragraphs, but let me reiterate that what I love about Rho is how she is incredibly clear and concise she is when she teaches (I took her Coptic Binding Course and thoroughly enjoyed it ending up with my own beautiful art journal!) and she has also been a very reliable person and always willing to help. 

When it comes to expressing herself she is also really clear and authentic, she's not one to mince her words! :) All in all: I'm so happy she'll be part of Life Book and I'm sure you'll love her contributions too! :) 

Ooooh, she too is doing a  GIVE AWAY! Go check it out HERE to win a spot on Life Book and watch her video about the course! :)

Hope you enjoyed another introduction lovely people, another one will be here tomorrow! :) 

Banana cake snug hugs. :) 
Tam xoxox  

Want to find out more about Life Book? 

*kiss kiss*


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