Thursday 25 June 2009

a mix of things

"Of course, the universe is gradually slowing down and will eventually collapse inwardly on itself, according to the laws of entropy when all its thermal and mechanical functions fail, thus rendering all human endeavours ultimately pointless. Just to put the gig in some sort of context." ~Bill Bailey (i ♥ him)

i found some time for sewing yesterday. i really wanted to do bags, puppets or thai trousers, but needed more time and fabric for that, so instead i made two pouches! it was much fun making them, with lining and everything. :0)


i read a book in spain called "bad things (don't just happen to other people)" by michael marshall, people were raving on about it, how good it was and what not, and i found the book a real disappointment (and i'm easy to please), the story didn't really resolve, throughout the book i kept wanting to understand what had exactly happened and then by the end i still didn't really know! weirdly, however, i did really enjoy his style of writing, just not so much the story and plot line. these are the passages i liked:

ok, freshly cut and varnished toes, and i post this specifically because it is REALLY really difficult to cut and paint your toenails with a pregnant stomach in the way!

and these are some pregnant pictures of me in my fullest hippo-like glory, i actually don't like how i look much, but i'm posting them anyways as a sort of affirmative/ acceptance practise move, also, look at the pretty nature, that too was devil's dyke in hove.


  1. Hi Tam,
    You look absolutely lovely! Pregnant women don't understand how beautiful they are - You're creating! I think it's a state of perfection.
    All my best.

  2. thank you sweet lorrie, for the affirmation, i enjoy the pregnancy process, but sometimes have a moment of; oh no me=hippo and then i move on again. ;) thank you though for your gentle comment and care. x

  3. I'v been pregnant lots of times (!)and it never ceases to amaze me the incredibleness (is that a word?) of it all! You look absolutely gorgeous and you'll be so happy to look at these pictures in a few years. My babies are all big now and I still wonder where they came from!xx

  4. ha ha jessie!! a lot of times eh!! how many kids do you have? thank you for your sweet sweet comment, means a lot to me! big hugs! x

  5. Tam - You look gorgeous!! Get as many pics as you can while you are pregnant - I know it can seem like you are pregnant forever, but it all goes by so fast in the end...

    I had my mom take nude shots of me when I was in my last month - I was in the jacuzzi batch in her master bathroom and I posed with some covering my "private places" and a few with everything showing. I'm really glad I have them....

    You're not a hippo, you're a mother!!

    Love, -sam-

  6. thanks sam! :) i'm glad i'm taking the pics definitely, just don't like how my face also seems pregant! ;) ehehe. x

  7. I agree with elbowgrease - pregnant women don't see how beautiful they are. Too much social pressure to be thin. Grr.

    I heart Bill Bailey too! His mind boggles me.

  8. thanks Tara! :)))

    his mind is indeed boggling, lol! x

  9. You look great! I hope you feel well. This is a hard time of year to be pregnant. And I am loving your art work!


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