Tuesday 9 June 2009


one of the first pictures i took with my new nikon d80. this orchid lives in our living room, still, charming, quiet, elegant. it knows how to 'just be'. it has such strength and beauty.

on the same window sill stands a lil family of whimsical statues. a man who used to have a stall in the jubilee market in covent garden used to sell them. i became obsessed by their simplicity and cuteness, had to have all of them. i once dropped one of the elephants whose ear broke off. terry ran off to get me a new one, he said something along the lines of; "i couldn't live with you not having another, to you, these things have souls". he was right. [i hope terry is ok]

to the left of the whimsical statue family stands a bunch of pussy willow branches (katjes in dutch), they were left over from a huge bunch of flowers i bought andy when he came back from lebanon after a 6 week break one day. they last and last and last.

andy, is in my heart and soul, etched there for eternity.

this rose appears lonely in front of our house, striking, standing out, in the middle of cars. it seems proud, head held high, statuesque.

hove, our magical street, with beautiful houses, trees and twilight mysticism.


a big THANK YOU to those who have bought essentials or presents for our baby off our baby wish list. i feel so lucky, blessed and grateful. thank you.

big hugs.


  1. Lovely orchid. The pussy willows felt eerie because I was just drawing pussy willows a few days ago (thinking I could carve them in rubber - RIIIIIGHT!) and I really hadn't seen pussy willows in several years!

    Oh, and hi Andy! Can you see me waving into your little photo?

  2. thanks alix! :-) andy can feel it totally!! ;)) ehehe. oooh, synchronicity regarding the pussy willows!! (sings twilight tune) oixoox

  3. these photos are glorious.. nothing like clean sheets or a new camera to make the day perfect!

  4. I love those little animals, they're so adorable. They remind me a little of Wade whimsies, which my mum used to collect.

  5. Yeah! New camera, wonderful man in your life and a gift from God on the way! I've never been happier for someone I've never met in person!

  6. @Bree; thank you!! oh yes; clean sheets, new cameras, such a good feeling!

    @Rho; oooh never heard of the Wade Whimsies!! They sound wonderful! :)

    @Kathy; thank you so much for sharing the joy! :-)

  7. beautiful photos Tam,am glad everything is going so well with you !!!

    xx & hugs from Dani


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