Friday 6 June 2014

Chakra Girl - New Artistcellar Stencils - Yay another Give-Away!

Chakra Girl 5

Heeeeeey-hoooooo! :)

I do so love my job you guys, because I get to give away so many goodies to you lovelies. :) Eeee! And I get to make pretty art and show you!

(BTW, another give-away is coming up next week, I'll be giving away one of Claudine Hellmuth's classes, or well, a space on one of her classes, excitement! woohoo!). LOL, it's give-away central around here lol! :)

But today, I want to introduce you to a new product by Artistcellar! They make awesome stencils (hem hem, I designed some too for them, go check them out here for UK/ Europe, here for US/ Canada/ S.America, here for Australia/ Asia/ Africa) and they've come out with a really nifty new stencil idea: yes yes, they are: POCKET STENCILS! :) So cute, so handy, so versatile! :D Easy to take out and about for your journal, super duper fun! :)

I made this beautiful Chakra Girl with some of the Chakra Stencils: 

Chakra Girl 4

and filmed it too, wahay! :) Wanna watch the making of? :) Go for it->

Materials used in video:
Mechanical Pencil by Pentel (Graphgear 1000) lead: 2b, size: 0.9, Watersoluble Crayons (Neocolor II), Brayer, White Gesso, White Acrylics, Posca Pen White, Skin Tone Acrylics, Aquamarkers (mouth and shading), Modelling Paste (Galeria/ Winsor & Newton), Golden High Flow Acrylics (Diarylide Yellow) for the dots), Blending Stump, Collage Papers (random).

Here are some more close ups (took these photos in a dark room late at night, so not the best ones, the contrast isn't as high as you see in some of these pics, but you get the gist! :))

Chakra Girl 2

Chakra Girl 7

I LOVE using modelling paste through the stencils and get beautiful textures :) 

Chakra Girl 6

Chakra Girl 3

Chakra Girl 8

If you want to win 1 set of the pocket stencils, make sure to leave a comment below and tell me which set speaks to you (which one you'd like to win) and why! :) And thank you, as always, for visiting my blog and cheering me on, you kind person you. I rather heart you. :) <3
Want to see what the other artists did with the stencils? Go visit their blogs, some of their give aways might still be open. You can enter their give aways too ->

May 31st – Lisa Cousineau
June 1st – Belinda Spiwak
June 2nd – Amy O’Toole
June 3rd – Lea Cioci
June 4th – Lynn Krawczyk
June 5th – Effy Wild
June 6th -Tamara Laporte

Tam x


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