Sunday 30 December 2012

Elephant Girls and the Crazy that is My Life

Good evening friends. Have been struggling with low energy, sickness, ear infection and keeping everything else; kids, work, life together. Need a loooong, child-free holiday. On the other hand; glad that the apocalypse was very low key. X ❤

Oh hello there world, it's Tam here checking in rising from the depths of chaos that is a childcare-less holiday life in which sign ups for Life Book are EXPLODING, emails are backing up, I am super sleep deprived and crabby (at times) yet want to fall to my knees daily in deep gratitude of it all.

My life; it's amazing, and blessed and also has its hard and out of control bits. I'm writing this at 5am, because; without childcare nor any other family support: thereisnotime thereisnotime there. is. no. time. But I am so glad that that is one of my only worries.
If Iook at what other people struggle with in life (hello Syria, hello Sandy Hook to name only 2 extreme tragedies) and I know how incredibly blessed I am. :) that's not to say that any of my "suffering" is less real. I just know how to put it perspective and move on again.

But let me paint you a picture: who would've thought that little children catch viruses and colds this often? I don't think we've had an illness free hour in the last 2 months or so. And illnesses with little kids is not just 'oh a little bit sick no problem', no, it's: 'omgoddoom nosleep, whiny difficult children omgoddoom sort of thing'.

And who would've thought that 2 little children make this much noise making it impossible for me to have a normal conversation with my husband. One morning, I kid you not, I was trying to talk to Andy about the curtains for the new house (I know, we've become incredibly domesticated, but mostly, we are concerned with curtains because the house doesn't have double glazing so cold cold cold), anyhoo, I was trying to talk to him about curtains while I had Dylan screaming in one ear and Elliot in the other. It depressed me SO much that I couldn't even just talk to him for 5 minutes about curtains (let alone about how he is doing or how much I love him ...) that I started sobbing and shouted: "WHY WON'T THEY LET ME TALK TO YOU?!!!!!"

So yes, my life is blessed and awesome is so many ways, and also: I just need break from this kid malarkey. We don't have any family nearby so we never have any support apart from childcare and she is away for the holidays, for us, it's just non-stop; work, kids, sleep, work, kids, sleep. Neither Andy nor I ever get to just anything for ourselves and then when we ARE with the kids, it's usually hard (it's ALSO fun, but it's also HARD).
And again: for this to be my only 'problem' means I am deeply lucky. :) But if any of you want to babysit for let's say 5 weeks, I will worship you forever. ;)

So, now that I've covered the parenting pains: amazing amazingness is happening in Life Book land: we almost have 1200 people signed up! Can I hear a "holy cow"!!? It IS all holy and sacred, we are going to be making miracles all year, I'm SO happy and so excited about Life Book 2013. Wowowowowo. :D Thank you to all of you who have signed up: I love YOU! :D And of course: if you want to join in on this fantastic course make sure to sign up here.

I've been thinking about my word for next year, and the word 'health' keeps coming up for me. I really want to tackle my physical health in a radical (yet healthy/ positive) way and I'll be running an art/ health course early next year too, and I'm going to make next year all about my health, physical, mental, emotional. Yay. :) I'm ready.

Also: elephant girls. They've been coming to me in my art, a lot. Lookit:

Elephant love :)

First there was she. I love her. The kindness in her eyes makes me feel safe. 

More progress :)

She has piggy, cat and bunny rabbit girlfriends. :) I love them too. 

I felt inspired by my elephant drawing the other day and wanted to make a similar art doll/ statue. So happy with it. Will be painting her and sew a little dress for her too :)

Then I loved the elephant girl so much, I wanted to make a 3d version of her. 

Little elephant statue. Painting has begun. :)

She was made out of creative paper clay, which is awesome stuff. 

This little guy now wears a poncho type top. :)

Here she is wearing a poncho. :)
New WIP. :)
Finally had a tiny smidgen of time to work on this one some more! I have lots of finished stuff. Just no time at the moment to photograph and put up for sale. Once holidays are over I'll be back in action :) x

Then I wanted to draw bunny rabbits, pigs and elephants and girls, again! 

Elephant girls keep coming to me. So in love with this one :)

And then, this one came through only yesterday, based on another painting of mine 'Lady with Roses' I wanted to make an 'Elephant Girl with Roses' and I'm so in love with this one. So in love. :) 


Christmas was fun because it's Dylan's first year he's actually vaguely understanding the concept. He loved opening presents (and telling everyone before they opened theirs what was in their present, lol). 

I will leave you with some recent pics of the brood who both drive me crazy and to the edge of blissful love. 

I wish you all a fabulous new year, may it bring you joy, abundance, love, self acceptance and a groundedness in the now. I send you love, truly.

Me and the big one. I love how "toothy" 3 year olds are! :) x Very sick little one. Has been coughing the whole night. Waking up at least every half hour. I feel I've been on a battle field. X Merry Christmas from the mason-Laporte household! ;) x ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
My parents' hilarious idea for a gift. ;) Be still my heart :)A sparkley merry Christmas to all of you lovelies! X

And don't forget beautiful people:

True story.

Sunday 16 December 2012

Mission Kindness

.Mission Kindness.
Dear friends,

I've been up since 3am this morning. First Elliot was awake, then the muse came to visit hitting me with inspiration. And then the muse went back to sleep but I didn't. Instead I started reading the news on my Guardian app and ended up reading the stories of the victims of the Sandy Hook shootings.  

I've been pretty much keeping it together since the news, as an empath I can get deeply affected by the tragedy and suffering of others, but reading the names of the little children, the heroic teachers, and yes even thinking about the deep and utter pain and agony the shooter must've been in, meant I cried for about half an hour. Tears flowing, I kept thinking: "we need more love in the world, we need more kindness in the world". What if Adam (the shooter) had experienced more love, more kindness, more support? (I know, sometimes even all the love and kindness in the world can still not help someone but still ...). So I thought; "what can I, what can WE do to send more love and kindness into the world right now?"

And then I thought: "we are artists". We can send love and kindness into the world with our art. So, in the vain of Michael de Meng's art abandonment project, I encourage you/us all to make a piece of art with a loving kindness message on it, and to go out and leave it somewhere for a stranger to find. If you don't have time to make your own, use my free printout by clicking here.  

I made these digitally and you can print them out A4 (standard printer paper, card stock or photo paper) cut them up into 4s and hand them out to people in your neighbourhood, to people in cafes or hang them up in libraries/ schools, wherever you want. On the back of the cards you can print the address of the Kindness Gang Facebook Group (all included in the PDF) which I've just set up.  

I'm thinking: let's not stop here, let's continue to do random acts of kindness and make the world a better place, please come and join the group HERE. Recipients of your art can leave msgs there, and you guys can connect there and share your kindness project and inspire each other. Also, if you've left art with a loving kindness message somewhere, or a postcard, please take a photo of it and share it in the group, this will inspire others to follow suit. :) 

Let's not give up on humanity, let's create more love and kindness in the world ACTIVELY. you never know if your small (yet HUGE) random act of kindness makes a difference to someone's life somehow.

Other ideas to create more love and kindness in the world;  
  • Pay for a stranger's meal/ coffee at a restaurant
  • Volunteer at a homeless shelter
  • Buy a bunch of flowers for your neighbour out of the blue
  • Call up a friend or a family member you haven't spoken to for too long
  • Smile at shop assistants
  • Be kind to salesmen on the phone

Life is short, love and kindness are of the essence.

Consider yourself hugged.
I love you all,

Wednesday 12 December 2012

The Willowing Arts Calendars are here! :) Wahoo!

Ola snuggabugs! I hope you guys are all less snot-infested than I am. I'm so sick, eugh, it's getting annoying. Little kids just keep bringing in the bugs, it's tiring, but I know that this too shall pass. 

On with the happy news! I'm back with not 1 but 2 Willowing Arts [printable] Calendars for 2013! Woohoo! :) 

Last year the printable calendar was hugely succesful! For those who don't know: I offer my calendar as a printable so that I can make them affordable for all of you lovelies! (If I order mine from a printing place and resell them, it gets really expensive for all involved, but if you print them yourself I can make it affordable, yay!). You can print them yourself however way you like and once you're finished with the calendar you can keep the bits of art as keepsakes! 

Fun no? :) 

So, this year I'm offering 2 different kinds. 1 That is portrait, the other is landscape. The portrait one includes details of my paintings but not the full paintings, the landscape one includes the entire paintings. See below what the calendars look like. 

Hope you will buy one or 2! If you buy them both you get a bit of a discount. 

Enjoy lovely ones and a deep heartfelt thank you for always supporting me. I'm so lucky and blessed to have you in my life!<3 font="font">

Willowing Arts Calendar 2013
Landscape - ONLY £3.99 (GBP)

Buy now - Landscape Calendar

Only £3.99 GBP
(approx $6 USD)
Add to Cart

Or buy the Portrait Calendar - also only £3.99 GBP

Buy now - Portrait Calendar

Only £3.99 GBP
(approx $6 USD)
Add to Cart

Or buy them both for only £6.99

Buy both calendars!

ONLY £6.99 GBP
(approx $11 USD)
Add to Cart

Once you sent payment through, you will receive an automated email with the download link(s) in it.

Thank you groovy friends!
Big hugs,
Tam x

Sunday 9 December 2012

Animals Friends and Life

Hello blog o' mine. I'm sorry for neglecting you, but my two babies have been sick for the past 2 weeks and work has gone crazy and I find myself with so much to say/ do and so little time.

So Imma gonna bullet point my face off here, just to keep you a bit more up to date with what's going on in Tam Land!

1. We're moving house! We finally found a place that's not too shiny and not too old and broken (we don't want super shiny because the kids will WRECK it, but not too old and stinky either for obvious reasons), it's in the middle of nowhere with a massive garden and a large spacious space (ha). We're so excited! :)

2. Elliot turned one and I'm mid way writing his birthday letter. The poor kid is a typical 2nd child and doesn't get half of all we did for Dylan but I WILL write him a birthday letter. I will I will I will. :)

3. So the plague came to visit (again) which meant Dylan ended up in hospital several times with his breathing issues and ambulances and doctors were called and came to the house and now Elliot has it too and he wakes up every 10 minutes at night leaving me deeply devastated, depressed and tortured. How come they don't advertise that children are weak little things and basically can't cope AT ALL with 1 little virus? Before I had children I wasn't bothered by a little cold virus here and there, now I'm plotting chemical warfare on the fuckers. I hate viruses so much, it's consuming me. Last night I was lying in bed with a screaming baby (who couldn't breastfeed because his nose was full of snot and wouldn't calm down whatever we did) and I could feel this RAGE growing inside of me, aimed at viruses. Elliot is already an atrocious sleeper, but when he's sick, it turns nuclear ... Death to ALL viruses, seriously, I don't care if it's messes with the entire universe's ecosystem ... Ok, end complaining. (Most of you who know me, know that I am generally a very non--violent person, but viruses (and mosquitoes) drive me into violent rages!! ;)

Can you feel the rage seething off me here? ;) I know, instead I look angelical, but the rage is there, truly! ;)

4. Because I hardly ever get any time for anything to do with just ME, I am trying to give myself 30 minutes every day to some art in. This to save my sanity and possibly to save the world ;). So, this week these awesome little animal friends came to visit telling me to calm down and that 'this too shall pass' and to 'take it easy peasy' :) Still a work in progress, but I'm loving them:

5. Christmas is around the corner and this is the first year that Dylan has any kind of understanding of what 'presents' mean and what a Christmas tree is! So he and Andy had great fun buying the tree and decorating it, but it also came with a lot of drama because Dylan 'wanted the tree to stand IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROOM'. He was heartbroken to find out it couldn't just stand in the middle of the room. Hilarious. The drama that is the life of 3 year olds. Ha.

6. New Art Supply LOVE! :) I finally ordered some dabbers, distress stains and a gelli plate! I ordered mine off the wonderful Dyan Reaveley, she has an online art shop over here: and guess what?! She included a FREE sample of her amazing new mixed media art journal in the package! My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw it! I'm SO excited to be using it, I have heard so much good stuff about the journal! :D I'll will do a review when I have a chance! Haven't tried the gelli plate yet, but will do soon and let you know how it goes! 

7. Because we'll be moving house mid January and my internet connection might be sketchy for a while, I'm preparing the first 3 months of my Life Book 2013 lessons in the next couple of weeks! This hilarious fun page was created for the first lesson, we'll be setting some goals for the year AND appreciating our blessings right now too! :) Preparing lessons for courses is so much fun. :)

8. I managed to create a little video for my 'art saves' story for, I'm very proud of it, hope you like it! :)

Ok groovy art gang. That's it for me. Poor Dylan is wanting me to make a den with him and I keep telling: "another 10 mins Dylbee", so I better get to den making.
Big hugs and love. Dear reader: I appreciate you. 
xox Tam


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