Thursday 21 July 2011

The Big Massive Give Away is Here! :) Woooooo! has recently surpassed the 5000 members mark which I think is a BIG REASON to be happy!! :D And because I'm happy and want to celebrate this momentous occasion with you, I am doing a BIG MASSIVE GIVE AWAY! :D Woop woop!

Sarahjayne was member 5000 and has already won the equivalent of prize number 1! Woohoo! Congratulations Sarahjayne!

What can you win?

Prize 1: Free access to 4 self study groups + 1 place on Life Book - worth $298.00
Prize 2: Free access to 3 self study groups + 1 place on Life Book - worth $252.00
Prize 3: Free access to 2 self study groups + 1 place on Life Book - worth $195.00
Prize 4: Free access to 2 self study groups - worth $96.00
Prize 5: Free access to 1 self study group - worth $56.00
Prize 6: 1 fine art print of choice - worth $25.00
Prize 7: 1 pack of postcards with Tam art - worth $16.00

How can you enter?

1. Put the button in your blog sidebar. Simply copy and paste this code in the appropriate html box.

2. If you don't know how to add a code to your side bar, write a little blog post about - mention the give away or anything else about the site! :)

3. If you don't have a blog, mention this give away or this site on your facebook or twitter.

4. Lastly, leave a comment on this post or in the discussion forum on my ning site:

I will announce the winners on Monday 8th August - so the give away will be open for a while! :)

Good luck to all who enter and a big THANK YOU to all of my ning members, I appreciate and value you all! :D

Big hugs!
Tam xoxo

Wednesday 13 July 2011

Jellyfish Pancake

art journal july 2011

'Jellyfish' is one of my favourite words, also 'pancake' and 'la fourchette' is my favourite French word.

I want to call something Jellyfish Pancake but I don't know what and not my second son, no. (Still undecided on that one too btw!).

I'm having one of those 'meh' days today. This pregnancy is so much more typical than Dylan's one. I had a very few proper pregnancy symptoms with Dylan, but with this one, I had actual pregnancy sickness and mood swings (bad ones!), also this baby is SO much more active, he wriggles around a lot.

Anyhow, I've been doing a bit more art journaling lately, I keep wanting to do another art video and also a vlog, but I just can't find the energy for it! I managed to do the below art journal pages. I love how I can really express myself in these pages. It feels cathartic and healing just doing them. :)

art journal july 2011

art journal july 2011

art journal july 2011

art journal july 2011

art journal july 2011

art journal july 2011

Poor Dylbee has been sick for a while with coughs and sneezes and a blocked nose, but I've been feeling really connected to him and so in love with him. He is also much more cooperative now. Doing a nappy change is actually not a Greek Drama anymore which is a relief. And he's generally more easygoing and fun to be with. The other day we did art together (ok, I did art mostly and he did it for about 5 minutes and then decided it was more fun to throw the crayons everywhere, hee hee, but still). /Edit: today he was going mental though! :S Sigh, breathing through it!

Here is our masterpiece! By Dylan da Vinci and his mummy:

He also loves to do 'tummy touches' which is where we 'bump stomachs' hee hee! Lookit:

And yesterday he was such a hoot in the bath, look at his naughty look! ;)

In other news, the Digital Dreams course is almost finished, another week and a half left and I'm so proud of the students! Some of them are doing so well and the whole course just went really well! :)

After this course, I'll be working hard on the 'Life Book Course' (so excited about this one, I might explode) and I might squeeze in the 'Fairytale Series' course, which is a course that would exist out of 5 lessons, each lesson we'd be creating a different fairytale character, but each lesson can be bought by itself. So people who are on a lower budget can also join in by just signing up to a few lessons instead of the whole course. :)

Need to see if I can fit that one in though before the new baby comes.


Gotta go to bed now. I have another driving lesson tomorrow morning! Lessons are going great btw! I'm working on trying to get my theory done now as I can't register for the practical exam before I've passed the theory one!

Hugs and snugs. xoxo :)

Thursday 7 July 2011

Let Your Heart Sing

Let Your Heart Sing
"Let Your Heart Sing"

:-) I'm very happy with the above digital piece which I created during the lessons week 4 & 5 for Digital Dreams. (You can still join if you like btw, if you want to learn how to make art like the above, just go here: to sign up).

I've been feeling pretty exhausted lately though. I keep getting new viruses over and over and my back ache is still not gone. I often just want to take a week out and just sleep and sleep and sleep.

Baby number two is now 22 weeks gestation! I'm much less involved with this pregnancy than I was with Dylan, and I think the baby knows because it keeps trying to get my attention by kicking me! ha ha. It's a really active baby, much more active than Dylan ever was! It's nice though, it's like he's saying: oye, don't forget about me, I'm here too! Ha ha. In 2 weeks time the baby is officially viable which means that if he came early, there is a 50% chance he'll survive, amazing! I know it's early in the pregnancy to start wishing for him to be here already, but I do look fwd to him being out and healthy and happy and then I can kind of get my body back.

Dylan is a sort of up and down little toddler lately, he has days where he is very difficult to be around, he complains about everything and whatever you do, nothing is 'good enough' to appease him, and then on other day he is this hilarious, easy-going little boy who is just so delightful and funny! He's still not talking much, but unlike a while back when he was also not interested in trying, he's actually interested in trying now. It's quite funny though, because you'll go: 'Dylan can you say "monkey"'? And he goes: 'boobahf'. LOL. Something completely not even similar! Ha ha.

He's also lately learned to do 'thumbs up' and it does it to everything and everyone, lookit:

This is one of the most hilarious pictures I've ever taken of him!

But yes, it's tough sometimes, it's very up and down and the battle of wills can be exhausting, but in so many other ways it's also just so wonderful. A range of emotions on the spectrum.

Anyhoo, this is a short but sweet little bloggie post. Hope you are all well! <3


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