Wednesday 29 April 2009

awesome art journal workshop registration now OPEN!!

i'm soo excited! hope that some of you can join! x


Awesome Art Journal Workshop

Art Journals are magical places where all judgements fall away! Your Art Journal is a place where you can create without inhibitions or fear of 'doing it wrong'. Art Journals are not for making 'perfect' art (what is that anyway?), they are for soul expression, a space for you to be, to express, create, to heal, to laugh, to cry!

This course will do just that; help you express your soul in creative, expressive and outrageous ways! For more detailed information about the course, pls download the course outline and material list HERE.

How to sign up and what happens:

1. Pay your course fee ($65) by clicking on the 'buy now' button - but make sure to write in the email address you want to sign up with (or have already signed up to the network with):

Pls enter email address:

Or by sending $65,- to my paypal account: tamara[dot]laporte[at]gmail[dot]com, making sure to let me know in the comment section which email you'd like to sign up with!

Pls note: if you don't have a paypal account but you do have standard credit cards like mastecard/ visa card/ swift etc, you can still pay via paypal as a guest, you too should click on the 'buy now' button.

If you don't want/ can't pay via paypal and don't have any major creditcards, pls private msg me so we can work something out!

2. I will send you 2 emails, one is an invitation to the workshop, the second is an email with a welcome pack pdf.

3. You need to accept my invitation to the group (follow the links in the email and make sure to click the YELLOW JOIN NOW button at the group page).

4. Voila! You are a member!

If things are confusing and you can't figure things out, pls email me on tam[at]willowing[dot]org. Or check out the FAQ page over here: FAQ

Workshop 2 - Awesome Art Journal
This course will run for 5 weeks with a full length video (approx 1hour) & pdf file per week!
Course skill level: beginner & intermediate
Course fee:$65

Course outline

**pls note that course themes or techniques could be slightly adjusted throughout the course, the above is a guideline only.


Videos can be downloaded throughout the 5 weeks, don't worry if you're not available on Monday's; all videos remain online for the duration of the course and some time thereafter.

Your pdfs will contain technical guidance on the techniques that have been covered in the videos.

This course will not focus on learning 'how to draw', although I am likely to cover a few basics of drawing as well. I will cover 2 art journal techniques per week (approx 10 in total), instead of covering a healing theme separately, it will be woven into the creation process.

Note: once you have paid and signed up for the course, you will be
sent an welcome pack which lists materials and other details of the course.

Pls enter email address:

Tuesday 28 April 2009

painting for graeme

so i made a custom painting for a man called graeme who is suffering from lymphoma. pls watch the video, and while you do, send healing energy into the universe so that graeme, perhaps, may receive some of it? some of you may remember that my brother was misdiagnosed with lymphoma in april last year, we went through hell for 2 weeks (he was basically told he had it 100% certain only to find out he didn't; he actually had the epstein bar virus!!), anyhoo, i feel for graeme, like i feel for anyone who is suffering a great deal, so any healing vibes/ energy/ prayers for him are greatly appreciated.

painting for graeme - detail

painting for graeme - detail

graeme painting

oh and this makes me so happy:

Saturday 25 April 2009

artsy things

quick sketch for a commission that i like:

deanna and dogs


a slide show of the course art work created by my students during the 'world of whimsy' course! :) awesome no?

Wednesday 22 April 2009

baby belly baby LOVE! :)

hee, so i have the fetal heartbeat monitor and of course HAD to film and record the audio! :)

so if you want to hear our baby's heartbeat and see my incredibly bulging stomach watch this vlog video (no worries, nothing squeamish or scary, other than a big bulgy stomach, some gel and too much noise, but definitely a heartbeat!):

and here some photies of the ever-growing stomach:

Wednesday 15 April 2009

new art for sale. x

new mini art. :) small paintings made on polymer clay discs, measuring 3" x 3" :)

for sale in my etsy shop!

also for sale are:

fonzie the mousey;

& folk art dolls:

Thursday 9 April 2009

art for sale

hello, this is just a quick art for sale post.


these are mostly prints in my etsy shop:

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

and these are ORIGINAL pieces of art for sale still available:











if you're interested in any of the prints, pls visit my etsy shop

if you're interested in buying any of the original art, leave a msg here, or email me on: tam[at]willowing[dot]org



Saturday 4 April 2009


2nd painting created during the online art class i run.


i like her facey and am a big fan of her kitty. i also enjoyed creating the background.

freedom - detail

freedom - detail





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