Monday 30 May 2011

Hello from Wales

Hello! We're in Wales and it's, uhm, well it's a lot of things! Amazing, to start with. Stunning scenery, we're camping in the middle of a valley with an actual waterfall nearby! Right behind our tent runs a little stream of water which burbles at night and there are sheep everywhere! I did not know that sheep start their lives with long tails! Here they still have them which oddly, makes them look like dogs! The dreaded weather (some of you who follow me on FB and twitter may remember how worried I was about the cold) isn't as bad as I thought at all.

Well, I mean, it is pretty rainy, windy and blustery generally speaking during the day, although this afternoon we're having really warm sunny weather, but nights are in no way as cold as they were in April. At some point I was even too hot can you believe! So that was a massive relief.

Other than that it's pretty hard core. We are living in community of about 70 people of all ages which always means that difficult stuff and conflict arises.

However the whole point of this camp is that we all practise nvc in community and luckily nvc is a great method to transform conflict. Not easy by anyone's standards but effective and deeply transformative nonetheless. More when I come back on this one.

The facilities here are not great. Stinky toilets, fairly cold showers. Luckily we have our own little portaloo which is awesome as it means I can pee at night without having to go out in the cold night :). The team who organise this though provide lovely food and wonderful nvc services.

Sadly it's not easy for Andy and I to attend many of the sessions because we are with Dylan. We are looking into somehow finding a way that we can be more involved though.

Dylan seems to be having fun, sort of, but when it rains there isn't much to do for him. There is one big communal tent where he and other little ones could go but it's often in use. Also looking in to this one.

He is sleeping really well surprisingly, but he was sick this morning poor thing, he threw up all over the car!! Horrible it was, but he seems a lot better now!

I'm having Internet withdrawal symptoms and I miss my online world!!

Thinking of you all. Hopefully back soon with nice pics!

Internet access sporadic here so apologies if you don't get a reply!

Big hugs
Tam xox

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Tuesday 17 May 2011

Digital Dreams - Registration Now Open!

Digital Dreams

My new online digital art course

is now open for registration!


Do you want to learn how to create beautiful digital art? On this course I'll take you through how I create my digital art step by step. We start with getting acquainted with all the photoshop tools and then gently work our way up to creating more complex and layered and beautiful digital art! :)

You'll become a confident user of Photoshop and will learn how to make amazing 3D digital art of high quality! :-)

Come sign up now or download the course outline HERE for more details about the course!

You can sign up here for the early bird price of:


What is your email address?

or read more about the course over here:

I hope to see YOU on the course! :))

Big hugs

Tam x


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