Sunday 16 December 2012

Mission Kindness

.Mission Kindness.
Dear friends,

I've been up since 3am this morning. First Elliot was awake, then the muse came to visit hitting me with inspiration. And then the muse went back to sleep but I didn't. Instead I started reading the news on my Guardian app and ended up reading the stories of the victims of the Sandy Hook shootings.  

I've been pretty much keeping it together since the news, as an empath I can get deeply affected by the tragedy and suffering of others, but reading the names of the little children, the heroic teachers, and yes even thinking about the deep and utter pain and agony the shooter must've been in, meant I cried for about half an hour. Tears flowing, I kept thinking: "we need more love in the world, we need more kindness in the world". What if Adam (the shooter) had experienced more love, more kindness, more support? (I know, sometimes even all the love and kindness in the world can still not help someone but still ...). So I thought; "what can I, what can WE do to send more love and kindness into the world right now?"

And then I thought: "we are artists". We can send love and kindness into the world with our art. So, in the vain of Michael de Meng's art abandonment project, I encourage you/us all to make a piece of art with a loving kindness message on it, and to go out and leave it somewhere for a stranger to find. If you don't have time to make your own, use my free printout by clicking here.  

I made these digitally and you can print them out A4 (standard printer paper, card stock or photo paper) cut them up into 4s and hand them out to people in your neighbourhood, to people in cafes or hang them up in libraries/ schools, wherever you want. On the back of the cards you can print the address of the Kindness Gang Facebook Group (all included in the PDF) which I've just set up.  

I'm thinking: let's not stop here, let's continue to do random acts of kindness and make the world a better place, please come and join the group HERE. Recipients of your art can leave msgs there, and you guys can connect there and share your kindness project and inspire each other. Also, if you've left art with a loving kindness message somewhere, or a postcard, please take a photo of it and share it in the group, this will inspire others to follow suit. :) 

Let's not give up on humanity, let's create more love and kindness in the world ACTIVELY. you never know if your small (yet HUGE) random act of kindness makes a difference to someone's life somehow.

Other ideas to create more love and kindness in the world;  
  • Pay for a stranger's meal/ coffee at a restaurant
  • Volunteer at a homeless shelter
  • Buy a bunch of flowers for your neighbour out of the blue
  • Call up a friend or a family member you haven't spoken to for too long
  • Smile at shop assistants
  • Be kind to salesmen on the phone

Life is short, love and kindness are of the essence.

Consider yourself hugged.
I love you all,


  1. I too cried when I read all the names and their stories, so very sad.

    I think what you are doing is wonderful though and I already do something similar, I like to leave little sticky post it notes in library books for people to find with loving messages on.
    I especially like to do this when i'm on holiday and I go in search of the local library to leave my notes.

    I heard of someone once that 'note bombed' a big tree in their local area asking people to take one as they passed by, I thought that was pretty cool too.

  2. Positive thoughts and action, that's what we must do. Wonderful writing Tam, will do. Your kind and sweet, thank you


    I am an empath as well and it has been stunning me each day.

    I ADORE this idea and I'm with you 500%. Bless you for such inspiration, dearest Tam.

    Consider yourself hugged, too. (From across the pond!)


  4. Tam, this is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Taking this opportunity to wish you and your family a very Merry and memorable Christmas and a prosperous and healthy 2013.
    Now to be a follower of your blog.



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