Sunday 30 December 2012

Elephant Girls and the Crazy that is My Life

Good evening friends. Have been struggling with low energy, sickness, ear infection and keeping everything else; kids, work, life together. Need a loooong, child-free holiday. On the other hand; glad that the apocalypse was very low key. X ❤

Oh hello there world, it's Tam here checking in rising from the depths of chaos that is a childcare-less holiday life in which sign ups for Life Book are EXPLODING, emails are backing up, I am super sleep deprived and crabby (at times) yet want to fall to my knees daily in deep gratitude of it all.

My life; it's amazing, and blessed and also has its hard and out of control bits. I'm writing this at 5am, because; without childcare nor any other family support: thereisnotime thereisnotime there. is. no. time. But I am so glad that that is one of my only worries.
If Iook at what other people struggle with in life (hello Syria, hello Sandy Hook to name only 2 extreme tragedies) and I know how incredibly blessed I am. :) that's not to say that any of my "suffering" is less real. I just know how to put it perspective and move on again.

But let me paint you a picture: who would've thought that little children catch viruses and colds this often? I don't think we've had an illness free hour in the last 2 months or so. And illnesses with little kids is not just 'oh a little bit sick no problem', no, it's: 'omgoddoom nosleep, whiny difficult children omgoddoom sort of thing'.

And who would've thought that 2 little children make this much noise making it impossible for me to have a normal conversation with my husband. One morning, I kid you not, I was trying to talk to Andy about the curtains for the new house (I know, we've become incredibly domesticated, but mostly, we are concerned with curtains because the house doesn't have double glazing so cold cold cold), anyhoo, I was trying to talk to him about curtains while I had Dylan screaming in one ear and Elliot in the other. It depressed me SO much that I couldn't even just talk to him for 5 minutes about curtains (let alone about how he is doing or how much I love him ...) that I started sobbing and shouted: "WHY WON'T THEY LET ME TALK TO YOU?!!!!!"

So yes, my life is blessed and awesome is so many ways, and also: I just need break from this kid malarkey. We don't have any family nearby so we never have any support apart from childcare and she is away for the holidays, for us, it's just non-stop; work, kids, sleep, work, kids, sleep. Neither Andy nor I ever get to just anything for ourselves and then when we ARE with the kids, it's usually hard (it's ALSO fun, but it's also HARD).
And again: for this to be my only 'problem' means I am deeply lucky. :) But if any of you want to babysit for let's say 5 weeks, I will worship you forever. ;)

So, now that I've covered the parenting pains: amazing amazingness is happening in Life Book land: we almost have 1200 people signed up! Can I hear a "holy cow"!!? It IS all holy and sacred, we are going to be making miracles all year, I'm SO happy and so excited about Life Book 2013. Wowowowowo. :D Thank you to all of you who have signed up: I love YOU! :D And of course: if you want to join in on this fantastic course make sure to sign up here.

I've been thinking about my word for next year, and the word 'health' keeps coming up for me. I really want to tackle my physical health in a radical (yet healthy/ positive) way and I'll be running an art/ health course early next year too, and I'm going to make next year all about my health, physical, mental, emotional. Yay. :) I'm ready.

Also: elephant girls. They've been coming to me in my art, a lot. Lookit:

Elephant love :)

First there was she. I love her. The kindness in her eyes makes me feel safe. 

More progress :)

She has piggy, cat and bunny rabbit girlfriends. :) I love them too. 

I felt inspired by my elephant drawing the other day and wanted to make a similar art doll/ statue. So happy with it. Will be painting her and sew a little dress for her too :)

Then I loved the elephant girl so much, I wanted to make a 3d version of her. 

Little elephant statue. Painting has begun. :)

She was made out of creative paper clay, which is awesome stuff. 

This little guy now wears a poncho type top. :)

Here she is wearing a poncho. :)
New WIP. :)
Finally had a tiny smidgen of time to work on this one some more! I have lots of finished stuff. Just no time at the moment to photograph and put up for sale. Once holidays are over I'll be back in action :) x

Then I wanted to draw bunny rabbits, pigs and elephants and girls, again! 

Elephant girls keep coming to me. So in love with this one :)

And then, this one came through only yesterday, based on another painting of mine 'Lady with Roses' I wanted to make an 'Elephant Girl with Roses' and I'm so in love with this one. So in love. :) 


Christmas was fun because it's Dylan's first year he's actually vaguely understanding the concept. He loved opening presents (and telling everyone before they opened theirs what was in their present, lol). 

I will leave you with some recent pics of the brood who both drive me crazy and to the edge of blissful love. 

I wish you all a fabulous new year, may it bring you joy, abundance, love, self acceptance and a groundedness in the now. I send you love, truly.

Me and the big one. I love how "toothy" 3 year olds are! :) x Very sick little one. Has been coughing the whole night. Waking up at least every half hour. I feel I've been on a battle field. X Merry Christmas from the mason-Laporte household! ;) x ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
My parents' hilarious idea for a gift. ;) Be still my heart :)A sparkley merry Christmas to all of you lovelies! X

And don't forget beautiful people:

True story.


  1. I still like reading your post and following your life and art.I'm just sorry I can't afford taking a class of yours.I still learn from just looking at your lovely work.Happy New Year-Grammie Denise

  2. Tammy keep cool... in 10 Years it will be better ..or not... hihi ( my girl is now 12 and there are other probs..they change..LOL)

    ok it gets better -I didn´t really like babietimes, I admit !
    ENJOY each moment ... cause you will have no other choice ..LOL

    I love your ELEPHANT GIRLS !!! FABULOUS!

  3. Dear Beautiful Tam ♥ Good Luck with your curtains! I KNOW where you are coming from with family illnesses.. my little one has chickenpox and I think oh, just to have normal worries again!.. so happy to see your beautiful artwork and happy family pics. I can't wait for the next Life Book to start.. the thought is keeping me sane.. Thank You to you & Andy for all your hard work. I hope the New Year brings you and your family lots of good health and happy times. Hang in there

  4. Hang in there... I know how it feels. I had three little ones in six years with no support either. Not even a babysitter. You'll survive it. When they'll be around five and three, things will get a little better. Hopefully you'll be able to sleep a little more.

    Anyhoo, I wish you all the most productive and happiest year. And don't worry about curtains. Throw a blanket on the window when it's really cold and forget about the whole thing ;)

  5. Hola Tam, "¿Cómo estás? It has been a long time, but just like you said THERE IS NO TIME, despite how much I hate to say it (as I believe it gets shorten the more I say it!), but that is exactly what I feel, having a child, working in an office full time and trying to peruse my art, it's very very difficult, like yourself I don't have any family here, so Saul goes to the nursery full time and at home he is full hands as Saul does not play on his own yet.., he is wonderful and magical but very intensive..., so, I really, really, really understand what you are going through... We just have to breath very deeply, being very present knowing that these unique early years of exploration will pass faster than we think.. Children are our best example of living in the NOW, they are here to teach us Tam, and they came to us for us to guide them to fulfil their Darma.. Enjoy and embrace every second, a great opportunity to practice mindfulness... I love your paintings, you are very talented lady,.. Tam, las fotografias son muy bonitas, ESTAIS TODOS GUAPÍSIMOS... I hope 2013 makes all your dreams come trough... Muchos besos xxx

  6. And did you ever believe that something so small, (children) could produce so much snot! I am a mummy of three, they are not babies now, but I do remember it. You will get there and it will all be worth while. I am a Childminder of 22 years now and if I was local I would pop in and help out! I didn't expect to be doing this work for so long, but ex-husband walked out on the children and I when Maisie was just two. But here we all are, happy healthy and so blessed. Sending buckets of love to all four of you. xx

  7. O my dear! If I lived close by I would definitely come give you a hand but I'm on the other side of the pond, as they say. (So i will pray for reinforcements, or help or a miracle!)
    I did want to share an epiphany I had...I too decided I wanted a healthier lifestyle all the way around this year...and when I wrote it down it came out like this: HEAL THY LIFESTYLE!! wow! that sums it up doesn't it???


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