Sunday 25 September 2011

Inspiration Station: Juliette Crane - Introducing the Life Book Teachers

Aloha lovely reader.

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday! Mine was fun with a morning 'off' and I was able to do some 'messy art' for myself! Yay.

Todays' post is all about the lovely Juliette Crane, another one of the awesome Life Book Teachers!

Juliette is one of those people with a zest for life! Visit her blog and you'll see how she appreciates all facets of life. In addition to being a brilliant artist, she is also an avid photographer, she often posts daily photographs of her surroundings and life experiences.

I simply love her quirky, whimsical paintings, have a peek below, you'll see what I mean! :)

What I love about Juliette's work

In addition to her paintings having that really sweet whimsical style, there is a touch of sparkle and magic there which really draws me in. She loves creating paintings with animal creatures, such as owls, lions and elephants. Little whimsy girls are often a topic too and all her characters capture that beautiful magical spark. Like you're walking into a world of wonder and mystery.

I also enjoy her layered approach to painting,  she sometimes posts progress shots on her blog and I always thoroughly enjoy following her process!

What I love about Juliette

Her love for life, her passion for her art and her joyful approach are a few things that stand out for me when I think of Juliette. I don't know her that well, but I get a general light and happy vibe from here whenever I communicate with her or visit her blog.

I can't wait to join her lesson for Life Book and I'm super proud and happy that she'll be one of the guest teachers!

She too is doing a GIVE AWAY on her blog! Come check it out HERE, if you want a chance to win! :)


  1. All these wonderful talented teachers, it's just too much :)

  2. thank you for spreading so much kindness, tam! i am so excited so many have already entered for the giveaway :)


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