Friday 27 November 2009

tea party with cupcakes

hallow lovely world. :-)

quick update!

dylan has had 2 nights now in which he slept SEVEN whole hours! omg! i haven't slept that much in a row since he was born!! crazy. he's also done 6 and 5 hrs on some nights and other nights he wakes up every 2 hours again but it's going in the 'right' direction. :)

motherhood is possible THE most incredibly beautiful thing that has ever happened to me! every day i wake up filled with such wonder and love for this little boy, ohmygod.

look at his smoochie facey!!!

he just fills me with love and wonder every day :D on Twitpic recording 'silent night' with dylan. :) gonna do it in englis... on Twitpic yes yes, Dylan smiles in his sleep, hee hee on Twitpic

i just overflow with looooooove ♥ eheehh.

oh, i recorded 'silent night' in dutch and english, listen to it ici if you like;

and i did new art! (dylan sleeping 7 hours is giving me renewed energy! wheeee!):

i enjoyed doing these sisters a lot, the beige/ pinky salmony colours were just lovely to work with;

2 sisters

and some new whimsy art;

tea party with cupcakes!

all originals are still for sale! (msg me if you're interested) and prints can be had too! check out my etsy shop for prints (although the pink girls aren't up yet).

oh, just a quick reminder! if you want to buy a calendar and have it arrive before xmas pls order before 30th nov!! (thanks to all that have bought one so far!!) :)

ok, gotta go to bed now and hopefully have another 7 hour sleep with dylbee!!

hope everyone in the states had a lovely thanksgiving!
big hugs. x


  1. Wow, girl!

    Is there nothing you cannot do? Lovely video; and your baby is a doll.


  2. wow! Sensuoos and dreamy...the one on top...just extraordinary!

  3. Tammy, you have such a beautiful voice, must be you shinning as a new mummy!
    Your art is beautiful also. Love the tea party one very much!
    Have a great day!
    Thank you for following my blog, such a lovely suprise to she you there.


  4. hi julie!! thank you for dropping by! :) i love your art too sweets!! it's beautifulllll! :) xxx

  5. This is just fantastic. Love it.


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