Thursday, 13 August 2009

wood girl & stuff

wood girl - full size
wood girl
19" x 25"
mixed media on wood
(for sale)

still no baby come a'peeking yet. :0)

i spent yesterday in the hospital because this polyp i apparently have on my cervix started bleeding again. those of you who follow me on twitter know this already. it was fine, baby is fine, just a bit of blood again, but because they are very cautious, they wanted to keep me overnight for observation.

i think hospitals are sort of weird in the sense that; they're meant to be a place of healing, yet the 2 things that really help the healing process, ie: sleep and nutrition are not come by easily in a hospital. sleep is impossible on a ward because ALL the other people on the ward snore like big heavy giants, and the food is omg, the food is so so so bad and SO non-nutritious! (toast with strawberry jam that has no strawberries in it in the mornings!). but hey, i am not complaining because, i have to say that the medical care is superb! i just don't see how, let's say, someone who's had a c-section can actually recover on the ward there if you can't sleep properly for 2 weeks! i was EXHAUSTED after just 1 night of not sleeping or being interrupted by snores and beeping machines and night staff shuffling around!

crazy that.

anyhoo, i'm back home now, patiently awaiting little new one. i know it's mostly and the only thing i seem to be able to talk about now, but obviously; having a baby is a bit of a hugely mammoth sort of experience, ha ha. you can't quite ignore the huge bulging stomach and the thought of a new person in your life pretty soon! :0)

but, i shall talk about other stuff too! yes, i shall.

1. those who entered the prize draw, here be the video with the winners!! (and also; the making of 'wood girl').

2. had a wonderful conversation with my bro on the phone today, i enjoy how we connect on many topics. he might try to come and work and live in london for a while which would be so cool!

3. i enjoy enjoy enjoy my iphooooone! :) everyone, if you haven't already; download doodle jump!

4. i'm rewatching all of grey's anatomy again, it's so bad, i dream about the cast almost every night, it's ridiculous!

5. i'm gonna prepare a portrait class! hopefully gonna run it in november depending on the needs of the bubbsie. ha ha.

6. i eat ridiculous amounts of food, never in my life have i eaten as much as i'm eating at the moment.

7. that comes with heartburn, which is awful.

that's it for now!

i'm sorry i'm -again- so crap at responding to emails/ comments etc, i do my best though!!

big hugs. x


  1. I think you do great! Considering how much stuff you have going on just now, you sure do make a lot of time for a hell of a lot of people! Tam, you're ace! Jemma xx

  2. Can't believe 9 months has gone so fast. Hope everything goes OK next week (assuming he's on time of course)

  3. Tam--that's a lot of NeoColors you use so I have a question. What do you use to seal a piece like this? I've tried using matte varnish but the instant I do, it re-activates the NeoColors and they get all muddied! It's very frustrating. Help?

  4. @artiste nouveau; i don't tend to seal them, because i often mix my neocolours with acrylics they're sort of sealed within the acyrlics paint! :)


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