Sunday, 2 August 2009

Making ATCs - Prize Give Away - News!

hallo lubley ones.

here is my latest youtube video discussing how to make ATCs (artist trading cards) and i'm doing a prize give away! anyone who leaves a comment on this blog or the video will be entered into the prize draw (there are 4 prizes to be won

1. place on my next art course
2. print of one of my art works
3. set of A5 portrait prints
4. set of 4 small laminated prints of my whimsy art

so leave a comment if you want a chance to win! :)


in other news!

1. i made muffins!!! (but nearly set the kitchen on fire! who who'd thunk that there is an art to melting chocolate, it shouldn't be that hard!)

2. i'm 38 weeks pregnant! the excitement of meeting this child is beyond imagination!!!

3. now, when i sleep at night and lie on my back, it's like a big giant has put his foot down on my stomach, it's sooo heavy, my spine is pushed deep into the mattress.

4. i love andy so much

5. i made my own fruit booster! mixing smoothies with ice in blender; awesome!

6. we want to buy a bread maker like iris and andrew!

7. i'm gonna do a portrait class in november if baby allows, ha.

8. i want to get to 10 but don't have more other news.

9. is the magic number!

10. is the end of the post. ;)

big hugs to you guys. x


  1. Hello Tam! Excellent a new video! Gotta love a Tam fix!

    Wishing you love and luck for when you pop - we want pics as soon as !!!

    Mel xx

  2. Hello!
    Congratulations on the imminent birth of your child! I can't say I remember, at that late stage, ever being able to sleep on my back! I was always on one side or another with a long pillow to prop my belly!

    I suppose I should think of something profound to say to win something but all I can say is I want to win something! How greedy am I!

    Take care!

  3. I know how you feel I used to spend the last week or to with a clock in one hand (every little pain got timed and logged just in case this was the one) and a remote control in the other for the TV as there was nothing much more I could do. Even making a bed used to take me 20 minutes. Sleep all you can while you can cos little blob will have other ideas and they usually come with there own agenda.
    Best of luck
    Jana Wood

  4. Hello,

    How exciting - your first child - you will fall instantly and forever in love with that child; you can't help yourself!

    I'd love to win one of your prizes and thanks so much for the video.


  5. Oooo, prizes! :) Count me in.

    And 38 weeks, so cool. Almost there...

  6. Great Video! Thanks for thinking of all of us peeps while your in the last stages of pregnacy! I couldn't do anything but lay around when I was pregnant, and not a single strech mark how did you do that? I have way too many, but then, my kids are almost 30 and I never put cream on my tummy, they also have so many great baby products out now that I didn't have, I have grandkids tho so I did finally get to play with some of them! I hope you have a quick and pain free delivery!! Can't wait to see pics of him!

  7. Great video Tam,
    I would love to be entered into your giveaway please.
    Micki x

  8. I would like to enter your drawing but also wish you luck on your new baby! How exciting!

  9. Nice job on the ATC's! :)

  10. I love your baby belly!! I am so happy for you. I have made a few ATC's but found it frustrating. Watching your video you made it so clear. I was trying to hard! (not used to such a tiny size). You have the ability to clear away the mind clutter and make a clear path to beautiful art. Thanks!

  11. Tam,best wishes to you and Andy on your new baby . She will be beautiful i am very sure . best to you
    Robin krieger

  12. I love watching you paint.. I watch your video's all the time..

    I hope I win.. Ann

  13. Look at that big o' baby belly. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen. Congratulations, and best of luck to you. Is it your first baby?

    Thank you for doing this video. I never really knew what an ATC was before. Yours that you make are very lovely.

    Ooh and I hope, I hope I am a winner of your contest. Your art is so beautiful-- and a chance for a spot in your workshop? Ahh, I almost died when I heard.

    Name: Erica Williamson

  14. Fff, Tam, you must be so excited!!!

    Lovely inspiring video as always! HobbyCraft also sell blank ATCs in their scrapbooking section in packs of about 250 for 2.99 - you've given me some great ideas on how to use the ones I have!

    Cool reuse of the Harry Potter book as well ;)

  15. Tam, you don't look huge; you look beautiful!!!! I am so excited for you and I think I might join the ATC group it sounds fun! I would be honored to win any of the four prizes!!! XOXOXO

  16. I can't believe you find the energy for sharing your art and thoughts with the rest of us. I remember that time for me and could barely move around during the last days. You look amazing. Take the time to rest once your bundle of joy is out into this world. That's the number one advice I give to new parents.
    Enjoy those precious moments to come. LOL
    Cristina Hareng

  17. I can't wait to see your new baby. I hope you'll show us lot's of pictures. :)

    And a Prize Give Away? Ooooo. All of the prizes are great.

  18. Hi Tam

    Great video! And great prizes! Your girls are so gorgeous - can't wait for you to do a portrait class. You look beautiful too! Where do you get your energy from?! ;-) Take care, Love, Lindsay x

  19. Hi Tam, leaving a comment here, love the givaway idea, I just got a prize for the July Challenge over at Deb's group, hope I'm on a roll here. Take a look at the winning picture, it's in my album in Willowing and Friends, it's inspired on the story of the Three Wise Men, but I gave it a twist,the challenge was to do something ispired on a holiday. By the way, I remember how hard it was to sleep at the end of my pregnancy, but I also remember how I felt when I was eating, it did not natter how hungry I was, the baby sure put a limit to how much I could have in one sitting, after a while I would start feeling out of breath. How about you?
    Blessings, Love and Light!

  20. Hi Tam
    As always your videos are most inspiring. I am really pleased that you plan to run the Portrait Workshop and hope to be lucky and win. Thank you.

  21. Congrats on the soon-to-be-here little one - you're positively glowing! The video on youtube was wonderful, as are all of your vids. Would love to win some of your artwork, and the class would be a dream come true!

  22. Awwww Tam you're looking good, take care and pls add me i would love to take another workshop from you

  23. Great giveaway! And video, I love watching how you make your portraits :) And you're almost ready to pop! Wow! I remember when I was pregnant with my daughter, ahh... I could only sleep on my side. Although it felt like my hips were going to break apart! LOL! Felt alot better once baby was born. Make sure to post pictures :)


  24. Hi Tam! I'm so glad you did a video on ATCs. I have not made one yet because it looks intimidating but I do want to learn. Thanks for doing the video. I am also excited that you are doing a portrait class. :)

  25. PLEASE count me in on your fabulous giveaway Tam!!! I'm so excited for the arrival of that new little one! Can't wait to see him! I hope you 'youtube' the birth! ha Just kidding!

  26. Great video, I would love to be entered into the draw to win a prize.

    Thank you : )

  27. Loved the video, it is wonderful!! Please enter me in your drawing! I would be honored to win some of your artwork. hugs, Sue K

  28. What a lovely, sweet, beautiful video to find on my return from Normandy, Tam. Thinking of you as always, Ingrid


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