Friday, 14 August 2009

free & scanner portrait


watching grey's and doing art at the same time. i loved creating the above portrait, but it doesn't look as good digitally as it does in real life. there is a lot of texture in this piece, but you can't see it that well which annoys me! grumbles.

i've been feeling some 'tightenings' in lower stomach today. i *think* (but not sure) these are practice contractions, yay, sort of! i'm hoping it means 'stuff's a'happening' but i know that some tightenings doesn't mean anything might be happening soon per se. sooooo i shall practise patience! :)

here is a scanner art portrait, gary is running a challenge in this area, but i used to do them in sri lanka a lot too, nice and moody! notice the annoying lines! i really need a new and higher quality scanner. :) this is me and 'bunny' (highly sophisticated name i invented for my cute soft toy. ;)

detail, which i prefer:

so, still around, taking it easy now. andy and i walked to the shops and back today and it was a bit much on my poor back!!

happy weekend everyone. x


  1. Don't know how I ended up here, but I enjoy your scanner art, similar to mine which I posted on Gary's ning. Nice and simple.

    The other one is very rich, even if you feel the image doesn't do justice to the real thing.

    Thinking of you and contraction. Did she pop or not, that is ze question.

  2. hi ingrid! haven't seen yours, will check it out! :) i used to do quite a bit of scanner portraits while living in sri lanka! :D

    thank you for your thoughts!! still not popped no! :) x

  3. hi ingrid, haven't seen yours! will take a look! i used to do quite a lot of scanner portraits while still living in sri lanka! :)

    thank you for your thoughts, still not popped no! :) x


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