Saturday, 8 August 2009

chocolate mania.

i've been eating chocolate chip cookies and brownies while painting, singing songs and waiting for this child to make his way through me. he missed out on being born on the most auspicious of all dates (07.08.09) but it really does not matter what date he chooses to come as long he's healthy and happy. :)

it is true though that now, he's just sort of becoming a true hazard on my spine, particularly when i sleep at night. ha ha. as i said before; as if a huge giant has his big foot on me! :) i am so so sooo eager for him to come out now. both for physical mobility reasons and for wanting to meet him reasons! :)

i've been useless at replying to comments, emails and reading your journals, so sorry, but exhaustion means i can sort of do the minimum and then i pass out again, ha ha! (the minimum being: eating, doing art, singing some songs and doing necessary work related thingies).

i read all my comments though (wherever/ whichever site!) and always star everything so that i know it needs replying to! :)

today i had a big urge to record 'a case of you' by joni mitchell. i think it came out well:

hope you enjoy!

outcome of the prize draw will be posted in a new art video this weekend or monday-ish!

oh, i just wanted to remind everyone that i'm on twitter here:

and that i cross post most of my blogspot stuff to my livejournal account: i post more private stuff there as i can 'friends lock' the entries i don't want to be open to the wider public.

i've been taking nude pregnant pics of myself that i was actually happy with for the future, to remember what it was like! but not posting the proper nudies here (some pregnant pics are posted on my lj, still with some bits blurred out! (so friend me there if you want to read more personal stuff and/or see the preggo pics x)

hope everyone's well, sorry for my scarce appearances!! x


  1. OMG, I dreamt I was pregnant last night! I'm 50! haha
    I think I have your upcoming event on my mind! Hope all is well and you're feeling good!


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