Thursday, 20 August 2009

dylan, day 3

i realise this might get a little boring for people, but i, of course, can't and won't stop posting baby pictures and stories for quite some time yet! ;)

dylan, day 3.

all there is, is love.

dylan - 3 days old

dylan, 3 days old.

dylan - 2 days old

dylan, 2 days old.

dylan - 1 day old

dylan, 1 day old.

dylan - 8 hours old

dylan, 8 hours old.

i'm so intrigued by how quickly he already seems to change from one day to the next!

this is a true, incredible adventure!! i didn't think it was going to be like what it is like. there is so much more love than i imagined there would be, and much less worry about 'no sleep' or other stuff.

truly, i'm all blissed out on this amazing experience.

here another vid of dylan, 3 days old.

i can't get over that he came out of me!!


my parents are coming over tomorrow and staying until monday!! :)


  1. He is just incredibly adorable! And already seems so alert on day 3! It's wonderful to partake in your happiness!! :) Silke

  2. Tam you are making me so broody lol!!
    I've got 2 kids already and can't have more for medical reasons, between you and my friend Lucy who gave birth to her beautiful baby Alex 8 weeks ago, you are both really testing my broodyness ;)

    Micki x

  3. Oh my gosh Tam, he is amazing. I hope you never stop posting pictures and videos of him! I'm 7w pregnant and it makes me all sappy and teary to hear you singing to him and to see his sweet little face! :)

  4. Tam hun,
    How could ANYONE not want to see pics of this preciaous miracle? I for one LOVE to see the Wee One Dylan. I'm thrilled to be apart of watching him grow up in a home full of love & joy,not to mention art! lol
    Post as many and as often as ya like Sweet Tam, I appreciate it.
    Love & Hugs~

  5. what r u saying...!!
    i luv to see the pics and know about the updates...
    the 1 day old pic...look at his hand...its sooooo beautiful..!!!!
    god bless u all...


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