Wednesday, 19 August 2009

dylan's 2nd day on earth

day 2 in the life of dylan.

thanks to everyone, SO MUCH, for all the wonderful msgs! we are feeling so supported, loved and connected to so many of you all over the world!

had problems starting to breastfeed yesterday, BUT, the awesome, wonderful NHS sent a midwife round in the afternoon, who was really clear with instructions and andy and i persisted throughout the night to get him to latch on properly (which is harder for me due to the deformities on my hands).

andy is officially my breastfeeding HERO, he was a superstar guiding my breast and dylan's head! i can do it myself now though, just had to faff around a bit before getting it. both me and dylan are getting the hang of it now.

this morning another NHS health visitor arrived who witnessed the breastfeeding and she said we're doing perfectly, then, his nappy was full of poo (ha ha) which apparently also meant awesome breastfeeding so far!

my proper milk hasn't come in yet though, so he's just taking in all the colostrum.

here a little video of him 'live'!!

the love in my heart is just overwhelming, the oxytocin is really doing its best to make the love overflow! for dylan, but suddenly for everyone else as well!!

hardly slept, but got a few hours in in the early morning. it's exhausting, but so worth it.

i am appreciating every single one of you, wish i could individually reply or send you each choccies with bubbles, but can't do that just quite yet.

just know that i relish in all your msgs, care, support, love, wherever you are.

xox big love

ps. YES, i am trying to illustrate as well how awesome the nhs is in the UK! :D


  1. AWW he is such a cutie, look at his sweet little babygro too.
    Those first days/weeks dissapear so quickly but are the best moments ever!!


    Micki x

  2. Awwwwwwwww! So cute! His little breathing and noises--adorable :) I have to admit, I'm really not a big fan of kids but I am a fan of babies with their little squishy hands and chubby cheeks and soft skin.

    I can't congratulate you enough Tam--he's beautiful :)

  3. wow that's such a cute baby - clearly got his mother's genes :) awesome - can i come and see him this weekend???

  4. Welcome to Earth, Dylan! Happy Motherhood, Tam! *hugs to the family* -Elaina

  5. Awwww... Welcome, Dylan! Congratulations, Tam and Andy! Hold Dylan tight and treasure every day, they grow up FAST! My first baby is now 14!! I'm your age! It seems like just yesterday that I was taking his baby pictures and now he looks me in the eye when standing!

  6. He really is perfectly formed, isn't he? Awww...

  7. What a beautiful little boy...what a miracle isn't...that such a little baby was in your tummy and now into his little stays weird but oh so wonderful...wish you all the luck together !!...xx Dani

  8. Many many congratulations Tam! The video's lovely and he already looks so bright and aware. I think he's going to be a very intelligent little boy!xx

  9. Congratulations, he is so beautiful!


  10. Wat een schatje!!!
    Gefeliciteerd Tam. geniet goed van deze hele speciale eerste dagen!
    Hoewel... het blijft speciaal. een wonder, prachtig groot wonder!!!!

  11. HOw sweet!!! I love the name you gave him!! I had a black german shepherd that I loved dearly name Dylan! NOT to compare a human child to a dog, but still..... it's LOVE!!

  12. he is just precious! congrats to all of you! enjoy!

  13. Oh, what a total schatje indeed. So precious to see beautiful Dylan live and breathe and connect, and to hear you sing his name.

    All the love you are feeling (I remember that now, huge love for baby and everything and everyone), will help you heal and restore.

    You're proud of Andy, but he must be so proud of you too.

    Enjoy the miracle.


  14. Tam,

    Congratulations! There's nothing like the first time, no matter how many kids you have. And, yes, it hurts like an S.O.B. but so worth it. Well done with no meds and no epesiotomy - you will heal so much faster and so much more naturally. The breastfeeding will come, just don't get stressed out about it. Now, can you imagine your life before you gave birth? It's almost like you can't remember it!
    Enjoy these cherished moments...

  15. Huge congratulations to you and Andy! I remember how wonderful it was when I first brought my twin boys home from hospital.. tiring, but wonderful. Take care of yourself! Mandy x

  16. Congratulations, Tam and Andy! And welcome to the world, little Dylan. I love how he knows your voice, and keeps trying to focus on you, to find out where you are. He's a really beautiful baby, as well - good job. :D

  17. i'm so thrilled for you two! especially that both mum and babe is safe and healthy! i'm sorry, all i want to do is give you endless advise i wish i had known but i remember how it p'd me off when people did that to me. so, i will just say i want to with the best of intentions but wont. :D good luck, and may y'all stay in good health and happiness!


  18. what a beautiful miracle. blessings to your family

  19. Fantastic! It was the most wonderful experience getting to see your twitter messages and the pictures of Dylan so soon it was just AMAZING! Thank you Tam and Andy. We were with you in our thoughts and best wishes, and so happy very happy to experience that. Much love!! :D Jess & Cgee

  20. Oh Tam Dylan is such a beautiful baby! Thank you so much for videoing him... I just can't believe how much he opens his eyes at 2 days old! He seems to know your voice already.. motherhood is a wonderful thing. Congrats Tam and Andy!

  21. Congratulations Tam and Andy, he is a beautiful little baby, a true angel.
    Enjoy every moment!


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