Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Inspiration Station: Wyanne - Introducing the Life Book Teachers


Have you noticed it's full moon day? I have - bits of chaos flying at me from quite a few sides of the universe, but did I cower and hide? Nooo, like a [mighty pregnant] superhero woman, I put on my blue and red cape and warded off the meteorites and alien attacks with rainbow cakes and banana muffins, wait, what? Nevermind. Chaos was truly dealt with in a most eloquent way (though I am now worried the baby might come out looking like a chocolate bar - uhm). ;)

Aloha my art friends. Registration for Life Book is only days away and I'm excited to introduce you to another Life Book Teacher, namely, the uber super awesome: Wyanne

I know, just reading her name makes you excited right? Many of you will be familiar with her whimsical, slightly retro, colourful, funtastic work!

Also, her art videos on youtube have reached and inspired many! I came across Wyanne quite a few years ago and instantly fell in love with her work and her videos could entertain me for hours!

What I love about her work

Well, of course, I'm a big lover of the whimsies, and Wyanne's art can't get more whimsy or quirky. Look at those awesome pipi longstocking socks the girl on the right is wearing! It's those kinds of details that leave me tickled pink.

Her design, composition, use of colours all inspire me. The topics and themes of her paintings, like friendship, connection, dreaming etc often completely touch me and draw me in.

I love her use of mixed media techniques, she uses a wide variety of materials, from alcohol to inks to collage papers, you name it, she'll use it!

Her art has a magical whimsy quality that makes me instantly happy! :)


What I love about Wyanne
I can see a trend coming up in the people I enjoy working with, they all possess qualities of kindness and authenticity! :-) Wyanne fits the group perfectly having similar qualities. She's open and willing to collaborate and share with you. She is genuine and honest about what goes on for her. She's connects with people in lovely ways on her blog and creates the most wonderful art videos where in you really feel you connect with parts of *her* through her art and video. She is also thoughtful about life and introspective, sometimes a bit of a dreamer at other times: a serious thinker, if I gauge correctly :). I appreciate people thinking about life and 'what it all means' and she is one of those. 

I am super proud and happy that she too will be contributing to Life Book

Aaaaaand, she too is holding a give away!! With 4 prizes! One of which is a place on Life Book! :D Woop woop! 

She also did an awesome little video about Life Book and her up and coming class. To see the video and to enter in her give away make sure to visit her blog HERE.

I hope you are all well lovely people. I appreciate all your support and lovely comments about Life Book that I'm reading on all the blogs. :D 


Want to find out more about Life Book? 



  1. Love all these intros Tam, what a wonderful way to get to know the teachers! I'm soooo looking forward to the Life Book!


Thank you for connecting with me. I appreciate you! <3


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