Friday, 23 September 2011

Inspiration Station: Bonnie Rose Bryan - Introducing Life Book Teachers

Wooooooop woop, it is I again! :D

Aaaand today I'm gonna talk about the fairy being that is Bonnie Rose Bryan!

This is me and Bonnie and Iris, we met up a couple of weeks ago! Hee! It was so much fun!

I first got to know Bonnie Rose in the early days when many of us were just starting up ning networks (Gary Reef was one of them and Bonnie Rose was an admin on his site for a while). That's when I first noticed her gentle spirit. Gentle, full of genuine care, glitter and kindness. And you know me and kindness: I am like a magnet to it! :)

I can't remember how it came about exactly, but some time later, she offered to run a 'whimsical watercolour' workshop on my ning and she became an enthusiastic administrator on my site. We've been buddies ever since! :D

Watercolour paints being her staple, she predominantly likes creating whimsical fairy paintings but also does portraits, paints mugs of coffee and cute little animal creatures amongst other topics!

What I love about Bonnie's work

I admire both Bonnie's technical skills as well as the moods she conveys in her beautiful paintings. The fairy/ mystic/ magical realm comes with a twilight sort of atmosphere and she conveys that so well in her pieces. The people/ characters she paints come with a personality and sometimes a 'broodiness', and you wonder what would happen should you open the door to their souls. :)

I'm also very drawn to her "cute" paintings (I own one of her paintings with a little drummer bunny in it, it's adorable!). There is so much play, fun and innocence in her cute paintings! She took part in one of our ATC swaps (and I was her lucky partner) in which she created 2 'cute little houses', my oh my, they are cute. This type of art, just reaches the innocence and playfulness in me.

 Her portraits, are otherworldly with so much attention to detail:

And there is another style she does well, which I'm not sure if this contains some acrylics and/or crayons as well, but it's more mixed media messy which, that too, she does so well! (Or maybe it's a dryer way of using watercolours?) Not sure. Anyhow, I love the style!

What I love about Bonnie

Well, first up: she is made of stardust, and you know them stardust type creatures, can't not love them, can you? ;) But more seriously; she too is deeply compassionate, kind, caring. I often receive a lovely little handmade card by her in the mail, just out of the blue for no reason whatsoever other than her wanting to bring a bit more love and sparkle in the world. She also hand knitted me fingerless gloves and knitted giraffe hats for Dylan and babe nr 2! Now, I know it's not all about the material stuff, but it just illustrates a kind of selflessness in Bonnie that I  admire and love - a lot.

She sparkles, she glitters and is allround just lovely and kind. :)

I'm SO happy she's going to be part of Life Book! You'll learn a lot from her awesome skills!

She's currently not scheduled a give away yet, but there might well be one coming up, so keep checking out her blog over here:

You can now download an introduction/ information PDF pack to Life Book - it contains the full yearly class schedule as well!! Click on this image to download the PDF:


  1. Awww... Tam, you are just so sweet. Thanks for all your kind words and thoughts. I'm so honoured to take part in Life Book, and I cherish all the love and friendship from you. I'm so glad we got to meet, and I hope we will again, someday! (And I can't wait to see pics of your boys in those giraffe hats! LOLs!) From my heart, to yours : *sparkles and rainbows and stars*

  2. ... oh, I just wanted to mention, the red painting (The Other Side of the Galaxy) is acrylic on canvas :)

  3. Oh wow, her pictures of Tori Amos are amazing


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