Saturday, 24 September 2011

Inspiration Station: Adriana Almanza - Introducing Life Book Teachers

Duuuudes, I'm *even* finding time on a Saturday to do a blog post! Impressive no? Well, Dylbee is asleep, so I have some time to introduce you to another wonderful artist. Many will have heard of her before, yes yes, it's the talented and giving Adriana Almanza!

With her remarkably beautiful looking 'big-eyed' dollies (as she calls them) Ady is an inspiring force in the mixed media art community. Originally from Mexico but now living in Germany, she runs her own ning network and classes in which she teaches how to approach creating a paintings like hers.

What I love about her work

Gosh, her girlies have such a mesmerising, beautiful quality about them. Ady's skill when it comes to shading and adding depth to her portraits is fantastic. Each girl has soul and beauty. I can be endlessly fascinated with the details in her paintings, from hair strands to the subtle detailed highlights in their eyes; it's all so beautiful applied with a sense of dedication.

You can just 'feel' the love that Ady puts into these girls. Each one has their own personality and a special message to send you. I love that I can recognise Ady's style anywhere, it's a very well developed style.

Her less whimsical girls that look more realistic and less big-eyed, have a beautiful sassiness about them as well.

Ady has both a way with colour and can produce really beautiful black and white pieces as well.

What I love about Ady

Ady has an open, giving and generous quality about her. Whenever I communicate with her, there is nothing but openness and kindness present. She appears willing, joyful and kind. She has an incredible passion for art and painting which - if you follow her on FB - you'll know as there is a new painting in her journal or on her easel almost every day! I'm so happy she'll be part of Life Book

And she too is doing a GIVE AWAY! Click HERE, to win one of her prizes on offer! :) 

Do you want to find out more about Lifebook?

Click on this image:


  1. Beautiful paintings, especially the mother & child.

  2. Tam, how do we get the code for a badge to add to our blog??? Thanks! ;-) Debi


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