Thursday, 29 September 2011

Inspiration Station: Guadalupe Brizuela Cabal - Introducing the Life Book Teachers

Good day ya'll!

How is it going? It's scorching hot here in Brighton, UK! How odd no? Almost October and now they decide to bring on summer. Ok, not complaining, just bemused and I can't really enjoy it as I'm stuck indoors all day working on Life Book! :)

Well, today I have 2 bits of news. 1 is a little sad, though ok, the other is another happy introduction to another Life Book Teacher.

  1. Sadly, due to personal circumstances and being all together too caught up with her own business, family life and other, Goddess Leonie will not be able to take part in Life Book anymore. :( As sad as I am about this, I also really understand her predicament and wish her all the best with all her adventures and endeavours!

    This also means other exciting things, such as, I'm now looking for a replacement teacher for her and this is going to be a SURPRISE/ MYSTERY teacher! Who this new teacher will be, will be announced in the next 3 months. Bonnie Rose will be replacing Leonie's spot for the first month of January (she's very suited for the Goddess theme and a highly skilled painter, artist and teacher, so I'm super happy about this!) And the new mystery teacher will be allocated to another month later in the year! :) So, though I'm sad about Leonie not joining us, I'm also excited about the new possibilities! :D 

2. Now: time for another Life Book Teacher introduction! Today, I shall be letting you know all about the talented Guadalupe Brizuela Cabal! Hailing from Argentina, Guada produces amazing Mandalas. She is less so known in the English-speaking art world, but a very well-respected mandala teacher in the Spanish-speaking art world! She has a spiritual and healing approach to life, and has found that she can invoke a calming and healing meditative state of mind through the creation of her colourful mandalas.

What I love about her work

I myself have dabbled in creating some mandalas here and there, but I've never gone into great depth with them. Though I truly love what they represent and the healing and calming effects they have. So I am extra excited to have Guada on board, because not only does she produce the most mesmerising mandalas (look at the beautiful shading and colours she uses!) but she is also very skilled in explaining step by step how to go about making these beauties.

I really enjoy the precise geometry in her mandalas, they have such a 'perfect' quality. I love the attention to detail she gives every single mandala she creates.

What I love about Guadalupe

Dedicated, persistent, perceptive and kind, are just a few words that come up for me when I think of Guada. Also: adorable. :) She is often worried and nervous about her English, as she is a Spanish speaker, but I'm always impressed with how well her English is!

I haven't known her for that long, but since we've been communicating she's been lovely, caring and considerate in all her communication. I've also seen her lessons in action and I enjoy her on the screen and how she teaches. :)

I'm super happy that Guada, too will be part of Life Book as she'll really add to it with her special take on how to design your own, beautiful and healing Mandala! :)

She too is holding a GIVE AWAY ON HER BLOG! So go check it out and enter her give away if you want to win a space on Life Book!


Just so you know:
If you join Life Book, you will also -periodically- be given high quality jpeg images of uplifting digital art which you can print out and hang up on your 'Rainbow Pin Board'.
Just another extra perk for Life Book members! :) 

One of the uplifting images you'll be able to print out and hang up is this one: 

I don't argue with Soul


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