Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Inspiration Station: Effy Wild - Introducing the Life Book Teachers

Yo groovy art gang! :-)

Though dear Dylan woke up at 5am this morning and I got little sleep with the whole 'have to pee every 30 minutes or so' thing, I feel pretty good and awake today. Ha. Been working hard on the Life Book Promo Video (which I always love doing, but it takes for - ev - ah).

Oh, wanna see how freaking pregnant I am? Brace yourself:

Yeah, see that enlarged basketball there? It's heavy. Makes it impossible to walk (I now roll places), breathe or do anything other than eating chocolate biscuits, wait, what? Nevermind. ;)

So, taking a break from that (from promo video, not chocolate biscuit eating or pregnancy), I can now introduce you to another fabuloustastic Life Book Teacher and human being extraordinaire; the glorious, raw, beautiful and wild Effy! :-)

Passionate, kind, fierce, searching and growing. Effy inspires the heck out of me with her approach to life. Hailing from Canada, she is a community leader, artist, writer (she has a brilliant way with words) and is a survivor. A strong, beautiful, example of a woman who's gone through some tough stuff, but came through it wiser and more empowered.

She uses her art journal for expression and healing purposes. She enjoys bringing the mystical side of life into her art and process which gives her art that much more depth.

She runs her own ning community with her 'Spiritual Creatives' over at: http://wildprecious.com/studio

What I love about her work

Like no other, Effy's work is a true extension and raw expression of herself. She is thoughtful, willing to be open, willing to challenge, and so is her work. What you see and get in Effy is what you see and get in her work. It is an honest representation of her inner world which then invites you to be open and honest too.

Primarily a journal artist, Effy combines a variety of mixed media techniques to send a message, often about what is up for her, but also, to reach out to you.

I also enjoy her use of colour and composition. :)

What I love about Effy

I kind of already described what I love about Effy, but let me say it again: I admire her strength, resilience, willingness to be raw and open, grow, be beautiful and vulnerable. She has a kind and giving heart and is incredibly eloquent with words and self expression. 

I love that she'll be part of Life Book as she'll add exactly a kind of spark that you'll love too! :) 

Oh and hang on, she too is holding a GIVE AWAAAAAY! :)) Yup yet another give away people! Woah! :) 


Want to learn more about Life Book? 


  1. OMG!! How are you carrying that around with you???!! If that were me, I'd be screaming at that baby to get the heck out of there!!! :) :) Seriously, you look wonderful.
    The more I read about Life Book & the teachers taking part, the more I want to do it, so I'm saving hard.

  2. I <3 you. You gave me happy tears, and I LOVE it when that happens. <3

  3. I love Effy and her art too, and I could not be more excited about Life Book!

    ...and the chocolate biscuits are clearly agreeing with you :))

    Maisy <3

  4. Great art cant wait to take "Life book". I member the preggo days..Happy belly!!

  5. How right you are about Effy. She's all that and more! And YOU look wonderful! A bit awkward (LOL), but nothing is more beautiful than a big pregnant belly and that radiant glow.

  6. Oh, you're so heavily pregnant, Tam! How wonderful you look! I'm expecting our 2nd baby next Jan.

    Do you still paint as you're pregnant? Isn't the acrylic smell bad for pregnancy?


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