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Inspiration Station: Jane DesRosier - Introducing the Life Book Teachers

Aloha beautiful peoples!

Over the next two weeks I'll be introducing to you the wonderful teachers who'll be teaching on Life Book - 2012!

This because 1: they inspire me a lot and 2: I'd love for you to get to know them a bit better and learn why I thought they'd be the perfect addition to this year long project! I hope you'll enjoy my "Inspiration Station - Series" in which I'll be introducing you to some awesome artists! :)

So, this first blog post is all about the lovely and crazy talented: Jane DesRosier, also known as, Gritty Jane! :)

I first came across Jane's work 3 or 4 years ago, when I was google searching 'handmade dolls'. Some of you know that I've dabbled a little in doll making and my interest in dolls started a few years ago.

I came across one of her dolls and her doll making workshop and loved what I saw then but didn't have the time to join her class. Then, when I couldn't reign in my doll-making itching any longer, I simply had to sign up and took her class on doll making which I enjoyed thoroughly.

It was at this point too when I started following her blog and became enthralled by her mixed media paintings!

What I love about her paintings/ collage work 

Often aiming for a 'distressed & aged look' in both her dolls and paintings, her work has a timelessness that I can't put my finger on.

Many of her paintings could belong in "older" times, yet I can still see them being admired in museums in years to come.

She mainly paints the human form and there is a poignancy and intensity about each portrait/ person that pulls me in. These are not just portraits, these are people, with stories, lives and you want to learn more about them.

Though they come across as sometimes 'ordinary' people, you simply cannot escape that these people are all important, relevant. That, as simple a life they may live or have lived, they are as significant as any other human being.

I love this about her paintings, that they make human beings important, relevant, significant.

Technique wise, her paintings have this awesome, coveted and sought after distressed/ aged/ grunge look that many of us mixed media artists really love to achieve but often find elusive.

Using collage and layering, she manages to achieve a beautiful depth. Her choice of color too creates a particular atmosphere that I personally find very pleasing to the eye!

All in all: I love Jane's work, I can look at one of her paintings for hours and still find new details that inspire or surprise me!

What I love about Jane

I don't know Jane very well on a personal level, but from my interaction with her so far, I have found her caring, compassionate, considerate and giving. There is kindness there and honesty. I always feel most relaxed around people who are authentic. Authenticity in other people allows me to be my own authentic self and this is a quality I think I'm sensing in Jane. I'm also so tickled by her enthusiasm and gusto for the Life Book project, it simply makes me smile each time I think about it! :)

I am SO pleased and proud that she'll be part of Life Book 2012. I myself have already thoroughly enjoyed learning from her in the doll making class and I'm sure that you will all love her lesson(s) for Life Book as well! :)

She's also holding a GIVE AWAY on her blog as we speak in which she's giving away 1 place on Life Book and one of her original paintings! Make sure to check it out HERE, if you want to enter her draw!



Registration for this EPIC course will start in 2 weeks time! (3rd October)
Want to learn more about it? 

Clickity Clack here:


  1. Wow! Her portraits are amazing! I became one of her newest followers and I shared the giveaway on my blog. I plan on taking this amazing epic course but I do have to say, lol, I am still working on my goddess painting!

  2. I clicked and clicked and clicked yesterday to enter the life book contest, I don't think I follow the instructions properly. So here's one last shot at trying. Perhaps my persistence will pay off! Thanks for the opportunity and I would love, love, love with all my heART love to win!


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