Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Inspiration Station: Rhomany - Introducing Life Book Teachers

Hello again! :)

Today I want to introduce you to another Life Book Teacher, the awesome Rhomany from Rhomany's Realm. 

Rhomany was one of the first people to be actively involved on my ning site (willowing.ning.com) when I first set it up. She was supportive, enthusiastic and incredibly helpful allround. I remember thinking that this girl was a fountain of information. Have a question about a particular art material? Rho will know the answer. Want to find out about how to best print your art work, Rho will know. Want to know anything IT related, Rho will point you in the right direction! :)  She is one of those people you can rely on to help you with a smile on her face!

With a background in teaching both art and IT, having someone as willing to help and as knowledgeable as Rho around is extremely comforting and uplifting. No wonder she became an administrator on my ning site pretty soon after she became a member! :)

What I love about her work

Rho is an avid journaler and mixed media artist with an ever-evolving range of styles (her words!) She also makes her own journals (and teaches how you can do it too!) and she is the creator of the cute little 'Rosie & Marmalade' illustrations as well!

As I've always been drawn to children's illustrations and the whimsy/ cute style, I love some of her whimsy paintings. I even purchased one of her prints which I still adore!

 I also enjoy her attention to detail. For instance in the piece: 'Not all who wander are lost', it feels like every part of the gypsy girl has been given the same amount of attention as any other part. Which to me always makes a painting feel loved and cared for and makes it whole.

Rhomany also has a way with lettering, words and handwriting in her journals. I am always fascinated with what type of lettering she'll use or how she places the words in relation to other elements in her art journal.

What I love about Rhomany
I kind of already hinted at many of Rho's positive qualities in earlier paragraphs, but let me reiterate that what I love about Rho is how she is incredibly clear and concise she is when she teaches (I took her Coptic Binding Course and thoroughly enjoyed it ending up with my own beautiful art journal!) and she has also been a very reliable person and always willing to help. 

When it comes to expressing herself she is also really clear and authentic, she's not one to mince her words! :) All in all: I'm so happy she'll be part of Life Book and I'm sure you'll love her contributions too! :) 

Ooooh, she too is doing a  GIVE AWAY! Go check it out HERE to win a spot on Life Book and watch her video about the course! :)

Hope you enjoyed another introduction lovely people, another one will be here tomorrow! :) 

Banana cake snug hugs. :) 
Tam xoxox  

Want to find out more about Life Book? 

*kiss kiss*


  1. Aww, how sweet, thanks for the introduction Tam. It's a pleasure to be part of Willowing with such a fab group of people and artists.

  2. Life Book looks like it will be a wonderful experience. Such a wonderful idea overflowing with awesome teachers!


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