Friday, 25 September 2009

little boy blue

dylan beauty

i sorta suck at poetry, but wrote this, for my child, inspired by neil gaiman's 'blueberry girl' poem for tori amos' baby and some influence by joni mitchell's 'little green' song in there as well. :)

Little Boy Blue (17 days old)

This love, it is incredible.
This love, it is immeasurable.

You fell from the sky,
came through me
like a gift from the stars.

With skin made of silk,
bird sounds and a wink
like light reflected in time.

Gurgles and burbles
and bubbles and angels
sleeps and deep sighs
kisses and rainbows.

Little tiny fingers,
soft fleecy blankets
blue teddy bears
and woolly white top hats.

You opened a portal
right into my soul,
this love, my love,
it made something whole.

Your small warm body
lies on my chest
curled up in a ball
like a round Easter egg.

May no harm ever befall you,
may life to you be kind.
May you find love, compassion
and humour. Most importantly;
may you find peace of soul and mind.

I wish you hot chocolates
in snowy winters, and bunny shaped clouds.
I wish you moonbeams, falling stars
and ethereal beauty, day in and day out.

I hope you will find your voice,
your truth, your river of bliss.
I hope you will dance to the rhythm
of life and enjoy its subtle but beautiful kiss.

May mermaids visit you in your dreams,
and may you find a kaleidoscope of friends
may laughter befall you until you hurt,
and may anger be something you transcend.

Maybe you’ll ride horses in the summer,
Maybe you’ll skate the ice of a purple lake,
Maybe you’ll play golf with your father.
Maybe you’ll enjoy baking cheesecakes.

You might like to run like the wind,
or to sing songs from the heart,
You might like sailing the oceans
or study whimsical art.

There’ll be peanut butter and ice cream,
basketball and cricket games.
Sunrises, fresh grass and little houses,
and happy journeys on yellowish trains.

May your feet walk gentle paths,
may you grow from sorrow and pain,
may your mouth speak feelings freely,
may your skin bask in drizzly rain.

I hope you’ll notice the small things,
like the bright green light
in the hollow of tree leaves.
And the beetle working hard
and the ant with its mighty colony.

I hope for you that your heart will soar
more than once in this stunning life.
I hope for you that you can go explore
the magical places on this earth so bright.

You fell from the sky,
came through me
like a gift from the stars.

A love inexplicable
has swallowed me whole.
You are our entire world,
you have lit up my soul.



  1. Tam, you shouldn't label this bad poetry.
    How can something written from the heart be bad?
    It's beautiful, and Dylan is a very lucky little guy...

  2. Tam, this is zen poetry deftly spun from a mama's heart that has a pen of deft mad skills and a heart that is more open than ever. You have been blessed with a son. :~) I (feel) your heart wide open here and in MHO, i can almost hear a song forthcoming. :) (((((((HUGS)))))))) and always love, sweet pea. xoxo, L

  3. Oh darling, this is beautiful and sweet and lovely. What a wonderful gift, to have written this for your son, and have made all those wishes for him.

    Also, I can't believe how big he's getting! Already!

  4. What beautiful words Tam. Just perfect. x

  5. Hello
    Hey he is so cute and looks innocent.I really like him.You have really well written with beautiful words for your son.I really appreciate you.You have done a great job.Thank you very much for sharing this with us.



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