Thursday, 17 September 2009

quicky update!

been trying to write a post for DAYS now, but keep not finding the time! :)

i update my twitter regularly though and also my twitvid and flickr with pics, just don't have the time to post here!

so, if you're interested (i know some of you are deadbored with it now!) in following my mini updates about the gurgles and boogles of a new mum with newborn, follow me here:

for quick live updates:
for quick iphone photies:
for little iphone videos:
for 'higher quality photos':

i WILL manage to update here soooon! :)

in the mean time; the bear necessities! ;)

bear necessities!


  1. OMG.....What a little 'teddy bear". He is just so cute. Enjoy him.


  2. I understand sooooo completely.

    Bet you never thought you could ever be so in love and so taken by such a small thing, did you?

    He's gorgeous!


  3. @joyce: thanks so much!

    @vicki; so true; the love is just overwhelming! x


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