Wednesday, 9 September 2009

wahay, it's tam.

in other, non-dylan related news (is there really such a thing now? ;P)

1. i'm looking forward to the last episode of true blood! i thoroughly enjoyed this season, more than season 1 in fact. one thing that doesn't make sense to me though, is this 'sudden rule' of; 'if you drink a vampire's blood you fall in 'lust' with them'; isn't "v" being sold all the time? and when jason stackhouse with that crazy girlfriend of his drank that vamp's blood and kept him tied up in the cellar, he didn't fall in lust with that guy at all! (or does the blood have to come 'straight from the vampire' so to speak for it to have this attraction effect on one? ie; if you drink it from a bottle no such effects?). so i'm bemused by this new rule (if it is new) so that they can dream up some sort of something between sookie and eric (although i do like where that is going, bill, to be frank, sort of annoys me, the way he's so 'obedient' to eric, so i sorta like the idea of sookie and eric getting together -ish). loving loving LOVING lafayette!! he's by far my fav character, and i'm liking jason more and more. while in season 1 all he did was have boring sex with anything that moved; this season we learn that jason can actually string sentences together and do more than merely hump ... love sam as well and jeesh that marianne woman is scary as hell! wonder how it will all end.

2. i'm also looking forward to the next couple of months because all my fav tv shows are starting again, i know, i know pretty sad, but these shows really help me 'switch off'. my poor crazy brain just runs marathons on a daily basis, and it's nice to switch off once in a while! :) so, grey's, house, the office, lost (later i know), dollhouse, fringe, bring it on! :)

3. i was so very pissed off about this whole 'let's attack the NHS' saga earlier this august. but because i was busy with giving birth and all that wasn't able to give it enough attention. the NHS, though it has its flaws, is amazing in my opinion. i have had excellent care since i've moved to england. same for the dutch healthcare system; also very good. wishing the americans that are against healthcare reform would be less afraid of change and more informed about how the system really doesn't threaten what they think it threatens, it only means that everyone can get healthcare, not just people with money or ok insurances, and it means that your receiving health care won't be driven by or decided upon by capitalism, nor will insurance companies try their all to avoid paying your medical bills etc. you can still have social healthcare AND private on top. anyhoo, i know this topic has been discussed to death, but just wanted to say this about it. : )

4. below 3 pieces of art i did the day before dylan was born! haven't done any art since! well, apart from creating a human, of course! ;) hoping to do some new art soon, dylan is starting to get into sleeping patterns that may allow for some art! yay!

this is inspired by the character of 'ophelia' before she drowned. the lyrics are by natalie merchant, song 'ophelia'.


mother & child

so funny, i did this one also the day before dylan was born, and i think the little baby actually looks a bit like him! we have a green wrap for him hence the colour of the wrap in the painting too! :)

there is a lot of brayer action in the above 3 pieces, i was so enjoying the vague/ transparent-esque effects!

5. we ordered an awesome new bed last week (super king size) with a kickass new mattress (2000 springs) and it's arriving tomorrow! we can hardly contain our excitement! yes yes this be true domestic bliss!

ok, i said it was a non-dylan-ie post, but can't resist posting a few new pics! :) xx

dylan 23 days old

dylan & mummy

he loves sleeping on my chest!

dylan & mummy

dylan & mummy in sepia

funny face dylan

dylan's funny face!

now off to try get some sleep in batches of 2.5 to 3 hours! x

ta-ra me fluff bubblies. ;)


  1. Loving Ophelia. Funny how the other two look really sleepy. A premonition perhaps? lol

  2. It makes me so happy that you're so happy with parenthood :) Your art is as beautiful as always but I have to say that the one with the woman holding the baby is by far my favorite. Have a good day Tam and lots of love.

  3. Beautiful beautiful beautiful - and oh the picture of mama and little chap in the green wrap is so gorgeous! x x x x

  4. thanks rho! lol, yes, was my subsconscious preparing for the sleepless nights!

  5. thank you lynda!! i love that one a lot too! x


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