Saturday, 3 October 2009

latest from dylan land! :-)

i'm having an actual conversation with dylan in this video! (lol, it's so funny how he kept responding each time i asked something!).

and here some pics taken with iphone so crap quality but you get a good peek into our world:

father and son  on Twitpic goood morning twitland! my hopes for the day? to have an actu... on Twitpic possibly the cutest pic of him evar ... on Twitpic

the cute explodesy brain! on Twitpic more cuteness from a few days ago :) on Twitpic I swear he's starting to smile! :0) on Twitpic

many more pics can be found here:


all is going well! dylan had a few rough days with bad stomach cramps/ gripe/ colic, but is much better now, we're sleeping for longer and i'm actually having 'proper' days! like, i can do stuff and go places, yay!

i love this baby so so much. it's so amazing to have this new being in our lives. every day i wake up with this huge love in my heart and i just stare at him in awe. ♥

i've missed doing art though! but now that dylan is getting more settled, i see that starting up again too yay!

i had some time to do a little bit of sewing yesterday and day before and made this little tiger babooshka:

i filled him with dried lavender so he smells all nice now! :)

other than that; life is beautiful.


  1. OMG that video is the cutest!!

  2. Je kan zien dat het een slimme jongen is :)
    Hij wil graag vanalles vertellen, en dat kan al met zo'n begrijpende moeder!
    dikke zoenen

  3. Oh mi gOOdneSS! That was TOO adorable!!! (Ps) If he has tummy~aches & you are breast feeding, look at what you are eating... i boo-hoo-ed this when my mum told me with my first child and then she turned out to have food allergies (!!!)... So my advice would be to keep your food simple and organic <3


Thank you for connecting with me. I appreciate you! <3


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