Tuesday, 8 September 2009

deeply moved

when dylan was born, my favourite teacher from high school (and later on; friend), sent me the below email. i used to babysit his first child, mieke, from when she was 3 years old, she is now about to be 21 and going to her 3rd year in university! he taught us Dutch in the most original and engaging way. everyone loved him as a teacher, in many ways i saw him as a surrogate father as well. :)

i was so so incredibly moved by his email;

"Dear Dylan,

Welcome in this world!

You seem to be a very punctual guy, arriving on the due date. We have been kept in the know by Mieke – our own firstborn and a longtime friend of your mother. Every day she would check Tamara’s website and let us know the latest. About half an hour ago she let out a joyful sound and we knew you were among us.

I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting your father, but your mother was a student of mine in high school. She was the queen of the school, always a central presence whenever something interesting happened (film nights, school concerts, an exhibit of paintings, a trip to London or Prague). She understood new teachers needed support, welcoming nervous me when it turned out I was the only teacher who had bought a ticket for one of the film shows she and her gang were presenting.

Tamara is someone you trust instinctively. She does that to people. She cared for Mieke, she cared for me one day when I was very ill and she simply has a boundless amount of attention, of life. She will be a great mother. She will do crazy and very talented things, and you should always be paying very close attention.

Greet her for me, will you? Greet your father as well. You are two very lucky guys indeed.

With warm wishes for you from Alkmaar,



  1. Hi Tam,
    I wish you such wonderful happiness and deep congratulations.
    It is so special to have a boy. It just IS.
    Dylan is beautiful and I can already see he resembles both of you.
    I can feel your "amazement" for Dylan and it is even more it seems with people of artistic nature! I was crazy, My mother told me it was like "I thought I had my very own live baby doll again" each and every move seemed to be a miracle to my eyes and an amazement to my soul. I checked on my son every few minutes just to see if he had a different facial expression even. IMagine that?.. laughing.
    It is marvelous that you had a 'greeting' from your high school teacher.
    I can understand why he would remember you...
    You are wonderful Tam, and each time I see my first work of art ever, I can always "think of who taught me this anyway?"..
    I have come a long way in a very short time with my art. It all boils back to YOU who encouraged me, YOU who showed me, and YOU let me know it was just fine to be "ME"
    Thank you Tam,
    Hugs, Darlene xo

  2. What a beautiful letter, you obviously have a special link with him and that is wonderful!

    Micki x

  3. What a beautifully moving letter to have received. It made me tearful reading it, so goodness knows how you must have felt with raging hormones, ♥♥ ~Beverley~ ♥


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