Monday, 27 July 2009

follow the blob.

hallo hallo.

it is i, lady buddha (or rather; lady kitchen god).

because i sit leaning back in those pictures, the stomach still doesn't look that big, so here is a picture of the stomach standing up!

i have been utterly exhausted with the energy levels of a doped up sloth! i sleep, sleep, sleep (sometimes 12 hours a day) and eat and sit and do little else than watch tv shows and make some art here and there. walking merely the smallest distances means i need yet another sleep and moving about/ around in bed is extremely cumbersome and rather hilarious.

so, needless to say; the baby is nearly ready to come out! on monday, i'll be 37 weeks, which means the baby will be full term. if he's born any day after monday he is not considered pre-term. yay. he could come any day now, although most first babies come after 40 weeks, so if that's the case, it's at least another 3 weeks to go.

i'm hoping he'll come a bit early (if he's ready for that), i like the idea he might be born on either the 7th, 8th or 9th of august, as his bday would then be: 07.08.09 or 08.08.09 or 09.08.09, i like auspicious number formations that way. ha ha. but any date and him being healthy and happy is fine by me, obviously.

i have another obstetrician appt tomorrow and they'll check if his head is engaging yet. i'm a bit worried, because if he's not lying head down, he might need to be moved manually which isn't a pleasant experience. been trying to do all sorts of exercises to get him in the correct position, but dunno what he's doing. my midwife said i have quite a lot of amniotic fluid which means he can more easily move about which at this point i don't really want him to do, just head down he should stay now to make labour most comfortable & shorter. oh well, we'll have to see tomorrow and decide from there on.

so, absolutely no energy for anything, but i still have a few art projects planned and i will muster up the energy! i'm hoping to do 2 more art vids for youtube before baby comes (1 ATC related, the other the house shrine) and i have a new piece of wood, we found on the streets i want to paint on. so, gonna try to do that.

also, though it's all just tired tired tired, i mustered up the energy to make indian food tonight! i hardly ever cook 'properly', i'm the kind of person that slaps a dish together in 10 minutes. i never work off recipes or whatever, but really wanted to try and do some proper indian food and it went well! andy liked it, me too, although slightly too spicy. want to do a bit more of that!

ok, some random tam trivia:

* love love loving my iphone still! game i play most is 'doodle jump'! anyone else play that? i like 'scramble' too, but it also gives me an inferiority complex with its; 'you have found [merely] 30 out of 3 million [really easy, you loser] words!' meugh.

* i've been useless at replying to everyone on blogs, emails, comments, twitter, fb; my apologies, i will also muster up the energy for that, i hope!

* been rewatching 'the lord of the rings', and have the following comments;

  • aragorn, eowyn, gandalf and legolas are by far my fav characters.

  • people really should've been nicer to gollum, another example how love & compassion could've overcome his own disturbed nature but no one really tried apart from frodo a little bit.

  • one of the coolest scenes is when legolas swings sort of backwards onto a galloping horse in the 'two towers' when they are just about to start a battle with orcs on big hyena dogs.

  • orcs are fucking scary motherfuckers.

  • the battle at helm's deep is sort of hilarious in the sense that, there is sort of a funnel effect going on; the front orcs are battling the front of helm's deep, but a whole layer of thousands of orcs at the back can't quite yet get to helm's deep as the army is so huge and the front of helm's deep relatively small (funnel effect), and i always wonder what the 8000 orcs are doing who can't actually attack helm's deep yet, do they just chat about lunch or making bets, twiddling their thumbs?.

  • quote gimli: "no one tosses a dwarf" very funny.

  • ents are fucking annoying and hard to understand.

  • samwise gamgee is lovely, but he should be nicer to gollum.

  • i keep being confused by which of the two other hobbits is also in lost.

  • denethor II (steward of gondor and asshole father to faramir) plays a much nicer character in 'fringe' as dr. walter bishop. imagine all the therapy faramir is gonna need!

  • orcs are fucking scary motherfuckers.

  • though i don't usually enjoy big battle scenes (they bore me to death in films such as alexander, troy etc), the battle at helm's deep was pretty interesting and impressive, also because it maintains some kind of humour.

  • the music in all the 3 films is awesome.

* i've developed a real addiction to nero's 'fruitboosters' (specifically the berry flavoured one).

and that was it for the tam trivia.

now, on to some art.

i was really inspired by this person's 'blob art': - basically, the person puts some paint on to one page, closes the book, created blobs and then looked for obvious shapes/ patterns and then drew on top of the blobs. (check it out it's really cool). on my art journal course, we did the blob making, but i never thought about then drawing actual drawings on top while using the pre-created blob shapes! so, i did one today! :) lookit!

this was the before:

and this was after:

cool no? nowhere as 'good' as the person i was inspired by, but i enjoyed doing it very much, i liked creating nonsense creatures like the seasnake type thingie and the monster and the random faces and a hellboy/ dragon looking seahorsey! gonna do many more of these.

some more art:

2 new portraits:


surly girl sarah

detail from an art journal entry:

art journal detail

& new stuff in my etsy shop!

i'm selling 3 x A5 cardstock print sets for $15 + shipping of the following:

they can be hung up like little prints, or sent to friends and family as postcards.


i also have a SPECIAL OFFER on; buy both my workshops for a REDUCED PRICE!

ok, i think that is it for a long, but informative and fun ;) tamisode.

hope everyone is well, forgive my scarce appearances and responses, i love you truly, you know that! ;)


  1. Hiya Sweet Tam,
    I know the last weeks can be so tiring. Been saying prayers that all will go well with the delivery. Please don't stress over how much ya not answering e-mails, blog notes, and such. Every one understands that seeing the Wee One come into the world healthy is more important. Ya belly is so tiny! I'm sure he's enjoying his lil world ya created for him, Before he makes his entrance into ya warm loving arms. I say sleep all ya can hun, Ya body needs it. Just remember if ya start on a cleaning spree then he'll be coming soon! lol
    Love & Hugs~

  2. Tam you are so funny with all the lord of the rings stuff, I love those films!!

    I have to say your bump is just gorgeous, mine was covered in stretch marks and HUGE both times lol, now i'm left with a saggy baggy mess for a belly but thems the breaks eh? lol

    Your blob drawings are fantastic, It is something me and my kids do together too.
    I love, love, love the seahorsey one you did, it's gorgeous, the colours are just perfect on it.

    Wishing you well for the rest of the pregnancy and of course the birth too.

    Micki x

  3. hi micki! well, i hear that most stretch marks appear between week 38-40, i'd like to avoid them, but indeed, if not then that is a small price to pay for the little baby! :)

    oooh, great, didn't know other people did blob art too! i'd love to see some of yours!!

    thank you for your well wishes sweets! xoox

  4. I just put a piccie of some art blobs on my page on your ning site ;) nothing as elaborate as yours though, mine are mere doodles!!

  5. What do you have against Orcs?
    They're just gothic elves you know!

  6. loved your doodles micki!

    rho; then they are; scary motherfucking gothic elves! ;)

  7. so cute
    i love pregnant belly pics
    did you make a belly mold or do any belly art

  8. thank you nudeartist! nope, didn't do a mold, should do!! :) x

  9. I am once again amazed at your creativity! I like how you animated you blobs! I think I'll have a go at that.


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