Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Shapes of my heart.

Aaaaaah! Crazy overwhelm. Not enough sleep. Creative blocks. Deadlines looming. Not enough time. Beautiful babies. Beautiful husband. Crazy chaos. Birds and wings. Frustration. Want to get stuff done but can't. Love love love. Heart-shaped sun-glasses. Bleary-eyes. Playing 'Draw Something' in the middle of the night because Elliot won't sleep. To-do lists. Roses and icecream. Behind on emails. Want to write more blog posts. La la la. Happy. Depressed. Loved up. Chaotic. Swooning over baby eyelashes. There's guilt in there somewhere. Dots and flowers. Rainbows and love emails. Packages and videos. Editing and writing. Breastfeeding and cuddle hugs. Crayfish salad and rye bread. Not enough water. Empathy monsters and little cute hippos. Streams and streams of consciousness. Open.

Let me show you.

Love Eyes 

 Here is me making love eyes at you. You're welcome. :)

Compassion gives wings

Compassion gives wings (successful detail from a 'failed' journal page).

Zombie baby trying to eat my ear :)

Zombie babies trying to eat my ear while I'm trying to 'get stuff done'.

My updated rainbow pinboard #lifebook

Made of rainbows.

The babe is finally asleep. Had his jabs today was screaming his head off x

He's asleep here, but last night he was up every half an hour
after having had his vaccinations earlier that day. So I play:

I thought this was a pretty fly way of drawing MC Hammer (Hammer Time is one of my favourite songs of all time Oh my lawd :0)) - though Andy did not agree.

Darcy, who is an awesome opponent, DID guess it was him though!

Part of a bunch of roses Andy bought me :)

Andy beautiful husband bought me beautiful roses. :)

Dylan trying his pretty much first ever ice cream. He liked it! :)

Dylan eats his {pretty much} first ever icecream.

Creative block. That big flower's stalk is all wrong. 
What are those bulbous things in the sky? And the white vines?
Where is this painting going? Arrrgh. More on this later.
Once she is {finally} done, I shall have a parteh. 


Feeling: Frazzled, expressive.
Hearing: Elliot complaining, Andy soothing him - Music: Iron & Wine
Needing: Still a long overdue holiday in the sun by a pool with no one bothering me
Tasting: Andy's home-made rye bread - heavenly
Seeing: My art on video for the next Life Book lesson
Loving: My heart-shaped sunglasses, Dylanisms*, Elliot's smiles, Andy's compassion


* Dylanisms (now that he's talking more and more, I'll be sharing some of the hilarious things he says, should be fun for all. 

This month's Dylanisms: 
  • While naked and not wearing any trousers, Dylan was perturbed by the fact that he did not have a pocket 'in his leg' to put his pebble in so he says: "Dylan have pocket?"
  • Dylan wants to go outside and asks this as follows: "Dylan go look in the wind?"
  • Dylan is playing on the iPad. He then sees me on my iPhone (yeah, we're an Apple family ..). He goes: "Dylan have mummy's phone?" I give him my phone and take the iPad. He goes: "Where's the ipad?" I say: "Look Dylan which one do you want, the phone or the iPad? You can't have both". He says; "Both".
  • When asked what his favourite colour is, Dylan says: "Yellow CAKE"
  • Dylan and I are sitting on the bed. Andy comes in and says to me: I'll just go get the iPad. Dylan looks at me and says: "Daddy's gone to get Dylan's iPad". 
  • When Dylan is asked to count to 30, he goes: "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 20TEN!"


  1. OMG MC Hammer was awesome!!! you are my fave middle of the night opponent hahaha

    loving the painting, the top bit looks like a velvet window dressing hanging down, like a fancy pelmet.maybe make the white thingies into raindrops coming down a window?

  2. Love reading your post's.So full of inspiration and good imagination."The best years of your life" you will say some day.Babies were the best years for Me ,I know that at least :)

  3. Golly - NOBODY touches my iPad or iPhone! NOBODY...and my kids are teenagers! Lol.
    Loving your painting and your hubby is such a darling for buying you roses!!! :)

  4. Beautiful...and thanks for being a goofball right along with me!

  5. Love it love it love it all Tam!

  6. It's all beauty to me, but I do remember the madness of early childhood too. Thanks for sharing Tam. xxxx to all.

  7. So much beauty to find here, in your photos and your writing.. so sweet about the apple family and dylan what he said :D

    And your art work? I just love it!! =)

  8. Love! :D

    Hope you get that long overdue holiday by the pool hun!

  9. Hi Tam, I love reading your posts (and have been following you since last fall). I've been meaning to leave a comment and tell you that you inspire me with your honesty, passion and love which I feel when I visit your blog, and also on Life Book (I've finished lesson 12). I've been trying to find the courage and my voice to post on my blog and you are an inspiration to me. I thank you for sharing your self. lol =)

  10. Your painting is lovely. The "blobs" at the top are a curtain and the twines are part of it. She's on stage? I'm enjoying the piece very much, different for you.

    Sally B.
    Baltimore, MD


Thank you for connecting with me. I appreciate you! <3


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