Sunday, 15 April 2012

A painting I'm trying to make in between the puke and diarrhea

Whenever I have 5 minutes (in between the puking, diarrhea and cranky children wanting mummy huggles - those who follow me on FB know that Dylan has been sick the whole week), I try to work on the above painting. I say try because it's totally doing my head in. The face, so far, has had many shading incarnations and one of THE worst things that can happen to me, is when I suddenly notice that the eyes are really unbalanced and I can't fix it without re-doing one whole eye. Re-doing one whole eye, while the other is already there, is almost impossible to me. It never comes out looking 'right'. So I'm now considering turning her into a pirate girl and give her an eye patch. That's not cheating, that's saving my sanity. ;)

Another alternative is to re-do both eyes, but, I'm rather fond of that existing right eye, and I'm starting to like the idea of a pirate girl more and more. 

Also, when I was doing this painting just now, I grabbed one pot of paint by the lid only to find out that the lid was on it loose, it therefore nearly dropped to the ground. This is a very Tam thing to happen and I actually mumbled to myself:

Note to self: "Always remember that you do stupid things"

Made me smile.

Ok, I'm out of pepsi max now and somehow need to get some, but not sure how.

Aloha groovy babies. I hope you have all been less exposed to diarrhea this weekend than I have! :-)

I do, btw, like that one gesso groove going over her right eye. And, oh yes, I'm bringing back poppies.

Hearing: Elliot burbles/ Dylan saying; 'Dylan have pasta?'
Seeing: Clouds in a blue sky
Reading: "Hunger" - Michael Grant
Feeling: Sleep deprived, buzzy head
Needing: a 6 week holiday
Tasting: soya yogurt

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  1. aww, mate! I feel for you - but this will be fab when it's all done. Hang in there girl. xx

  2. Pirate seems so harsh for such a sensitive lady perhaps a whisp or 10 of hair?

  3. Oh Tam! I wish you a super next week! ;-) you are super!!!

  4. Why doesn´t she wink? I think, she winks. ;-) Love Amy

  5. I know exactly what your talking about too! That happens to me! I've using that one eye to make a new one but it never turns out right. I think it would look great as a pirate!!

  6. Louise St. Germain15 April 2012 at 19:43

    Tam, sounds like you've had a challenging week! I hope Dylan will get better soon. For the missing eye, other ideas to cover it up could be an elegant fan in her hand (this could be painted or made of strips of decorative paper), or a fancy masquerade mask that is only just barely at the edge of her face so the edge covers up the one eye. Or bite the bullet and use tracing paper to get the other eye sketched out symmetrically. :-) Good luck - it's looking great so far!

  7. I find it difficult to match eyes too and do you know what? I don't mind any more, I think it gives the face character!
    Jess xx

  8. What about another big flower over her eye? I know, I find matching up eyes difficult, too....especially when one one needs a total redo.

    Nice to know, though, that you have these difficulties, as well ;P
    Makes me know I'm not alone...haha!


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