Friday, 13 April 2012

Conversations with Andy

Me: So, little miss muffet sat on a tuffet eating her "curtain way"? What's a curtain way?

{note; English is not my first language, a fact which Andy enjoys abusing when it amuses him}

Andy: it's a cookie.

Me: Really? Never heard of a cookie like that before. Are you taking the piss?

Andy: {grins} Ok, no, it's a 'curtain way', like she's eating while pulling the curtain {by the window} away. 

Tam: What? That makes no sense. Come on, what does it mean?

Andy: ... it's a cookie.

Tam: Ok, so the lyrics are not 'curtain way' are they?

Andy: yes yes, they are; miss muffet, is eating on curtain way, like a road ..

Tam: Argh, ok, I'll look it up on the internet, what the actual lyrics are ...

... Tam looks up lyrics on iPhone

Tam: Oh, miss muffet is not eating a 'curtain way' but her curds and whey. What are curds?

Andy: A curd, is a Kurdish person.  

Tam: I'm going to kill you.


A few hours later.

Tam: Wait, miss muffet sits on a 'tuffet', what's a tuffet?

Andy: It's a cute word for something 'tough'. Like, she's sitting on something hard, but because it's a cute children's song, they call it a 'tuffet' like a 'toughie'/ 'tuffet'.

Tam: Oh go away.


I had to look up the meaning of 'tuffet' on the internet just now as apparently Andy didn't know what it was either!

Tuffet, pouffe or hassock are all terms for a piece of furniture used as a footstool or low seat.



  1. LOL! Try to explain... "drie kleine kleutertjes die zaten op een hek". I never seem to be able to explain things like that properly to my husband - who is English.

  2. I am also married to an Englishman. Maddening sometimes. I am born and raised below the mason dixon line in America. Sometimes we really do need an interpreter. We are always entertained!

  3. hahahaha so funny, this made me chuckle. Sorry but I love the explanations he came up with.

  4. I think his answers were pretty clever! :)


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