Sunday, 2 October 2011

Wow - Life Book!

Wow you guys! The response to Life Book is INCREDIBLE! I'm so happy (and exhausted, up at 4 this morning arranging signs ups and what not!), I think I might be running on adrenaline and adrenaline alone! LOL.

I just want to address a few things that people have been asking me and I'm hoping that those with questions can find them here today and then tomorrow I can actually respond to your individual emails and msgs (just can't today, SO sorry!).
  • Those who have approached me about monthly payment plans: I'm on it and will be in touch with you on Monday (rest assured that I've not been inundated with requests in such a way that I have to refuse any of you - though it's getting fuller now). 
  • For outcomes of the prize draws/ give aways please go the respective LB Teachers' blogs. I don't know who the winners are (apart from 1 - Lisa from Artist Cellar won Effy's give away). You'll need to go to their blogs to find out. Also, they all have different dates to announce the winners, but they'll announce the winners themselves, not me! :)
  • Yes yes yes! You will be given access to the self study groups straight away (within 24-48 hrs of having sent through payment - though please bear with me in weekends as it's not always easy to get to a computer then) You don't have to wait until Jan 2012 for the self study groups.
  • Some of you want to do payment plans for the premium or rainbow packages (I don't have a button for that, but can set up an arrangement, contact me pls to discuss: willowing [at]
  • Is there a class size limit? No. Registration remains open throughout the year. So we could end up with quite a few people, but we have 15 teachers. Please note though that because of the magnitude of this course I am unlikely to be able to give feedback on work in the way I usually do on my 'smaller' courses. However, I will dedicate 1 day a week to giving feedback on posted work and will aim to cover the most common problems and issues coming up.
I hope this addresses some of your queries for now. I'll be in touch with you personally tomorrow!

Thank YOU so much to all who have already signed up! I'm just overwhelmed and over the moon and so grateful!


  1. Tam, please keep up your own [extra important] self care; there's no shame in keeping peeps waiting a bit if you need to. <3

  2. Here, here I agree! You need to keep your strength for that ALL important date coming up!

    I am SO looking forward to signing up. Thank you for this exciting opportunity.

    My Dad passed away recently and I am busy with all thats passed on to the next of kin. I thought I would treat myself to the Life Book from my Dad. :-)

    Take Special care Tam.xx


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