Monday, 3 October 2011

Inspiration Station: Jane Davenport - Introducing the Life Book Teachers!

My goodness you guys, the response to Life Book 2012 is phenomenal and SO humbling. I'm overwhelmed, over the moon and awestruck at how so many of you are SO enthusiastic about the course. *happy tears*

Well, to continue the momentum and the celebration, I want to finish introducing you properly to the last 3 Life Book Teachers who I didn't get a chance to introduce yet. Today, let me tell you all about the effervescent and talented Jane Davenport!

A photographer extraordinaire with a personality that instantly makes you happy and a talent for design & painting, Jane is a force of life not to be reckoned with! I got to know her first when she attended a few of my online classes. Her paintings and creations always stood out and inspired me, but more so, she was such a positive and happy contributor to the course, encouraging others, sharing her work and always with that excellent positive outlook on life! :)

What I love about her work

Jane has a very distinctive and attractive whimsical style that draws me in immediately. With a background in fashion design, her technical drawing skills really come out. I enjoy her soft colour pallete, subjects (often girls with cute little animals) and her art journal pages are a true inspiration to me! :)

Creative, imaginative and exploratory are just a few words that come to mind when I look at her work. (Oooh, I would include some of her photography here  too, but that would take up too much of the space and I want to focus on her paintings, go check out her website HERE, if you want to admire her photos too!).

I also love how she is not afraid to experiment with materials and techniques, her art journal pages open up a kind of free feeling in me because of it. :)

What I love about Jane

She is such a generous, giving soul. Like I said before: she has a tendency to bring happiness with her wherever she goes, and has such a positive outlook on life. Whenever I think of Jane, I can't help but smile. She once sent through some of her merchandise to me as a gift and it included a little green t-shirt for Dylan which he wears a lot and loves! So I have a bit of Jane in my house all the time! :)

I'm so excited to have Jane be part of the Life Book course- she's going to add such a positive, happy spark to the group! :D I'm super happy she will share her painterly talents with us as well! :)

I think she is still holding a give away on her blog, so have a peek there:


Do you want to come and join us on Life Book? 

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  1. I love this lady's work and I follow her blog, she is a stunning artist :)


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