Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Inspiration Station: Samantha Kira - Introducing the Life Book Teachers

Wuzzah groovy people! :)

Dylan woke up at 4am this morning and decided not the sleep anymore! So I am massively bleary-eyed and on the verge of falling asleep at my desk! BUT, I am sure I can muster up some energy to introduce you to another wonderful Life Book Teacher.

Today is all about the enchanting Samantha Kira.

Sam is one of those people who is thoughtful, open, authentic and real. I got to know her a lot better through her participation in the '30 day vlog' challenge which Effy and I also took part in. It was refreshing following her vlogs in which she shared her art, daily life, joys and struggles. :) I also feel a kinship with her as she too suffers from a chronic illness. Obviously, both of us would not define ourselves as 'being our illness', but it's something to connect over and it's often wonderful to receive empathy from someone who understands your situation.

What I love about her work

Primarily a journal artist (though she also works on canvas and does stitch/ sewing work), I love the colours, composition and designs Samantha uses.

I always find her pages interesting and they invite me too look for longer than I usually do and I tend to discover new elements the longer I look at one of her pages. She collages, layers, paints and uses her awesome handwriting to put together her works of art.

I enjoy her bold use of colour combinations and am really enamoured with her style of {swirly} handwriting which I often try to emulate in my own paintings! I also really like how she combines writing chunks of text with other elements on her pages. 

What I love about Samantha Kira

She is thoughtful, she cares about you, about me, about the world. She's brave and faces struggles head on and expresses pain and difficulty in an eloquent way, inspiring others in their struggle to be brave and keep going. I appreciate her honesty, her creativity, her passion and willingness to stay strong even in the face of adversity.

For me there is a depth to Samantha which gets carried through into her art. In Dutch there is an expression, it goes like this: "Stille waters hebben diepe gronden", the translation is something along the lines of: "Quiet waters go deep (or have depth)" *** and while I don't particularly consider her a "quiet" person, there is a kind of introspection about her, which to me hints at that going deep, if that makes sense! :) 

I love that she is going to be part of Life Book! Her style, techniques and lovely personable being will be a great addition to the lovely bunch we have lined up! :D 

*** I just realised that the exact translation of that Dutch expression is: "Still waters run deep" but didn't want to rewrite that part, ha! 

You can find Samantha Kira over here: www.journalgirl.com


Intrigued by Life Book? Want to join us or read a bit more about it? 

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