Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Inspiration Station: Mystele - Introducing the Life Book Teachers

Hello people of the world!

Dylan is going through some kind of weird regression or it might simply be a 'transition' in his sleep behaviour (can you believe it, right before babe nr 2 comes?!). He's just doing very weird things, like the other day he decided to wake up at 4am, yesterday, at 2am, though he continued sleeping until 5, but he didn't have a nap during the day. All very odd. Consequently, earlier I had a little lie down and couldn't keep my eyes open! Grrr. Lol. I get by, but it's weird how his sleeping behaviour is gone all awry and it's really bad timing!

Nevermind, today, let me introduce you to the very very lovely Mystele from little glimpses studio. Many of you are familiar with her and her 'gut art'. From the moment I saw Mystele in her youtube videos I fell in love with her kind, compassionate and real personality. Also: her art really inspires me. She has a very distinctive style that I admire, it's 'grunge', it's layered, it's so very deliciously mixed media! She also likes to work 'green' (not the colour, but I mean environmentally friendly) and so often works on cardboard! Whenever I watch one of Mystele's videos, I feel happy. :-)

What I love about her work

Gosh, what don't I love? For me, Mystele produces the kind of work that even if she calls it 'ugly', I still think it looks great! Because of the texture, the layering, the attention to details, the extra elements you discover (look at the socks on that bird up there!). I love that she uses distortion of perspective and wonky angles to draw you in and make you think. I am reminded of the distortion of perspective that Van Gogh sometimes used. 

She has a free and raw way of working. Bold brush strokes, messy and layered effects and she accentuates her paintings with vivid colours.

She has the kind of style that I often try to emulate but never quite reach. I stay 'cleaner', more 'precise' and then get frustrated with the lack of freedom and expression I think I see in paintings like those of Mystelle's. I have a similar response to Jessie Reno's paintings, they seem so expressive and free, and no matter what I do, I can't quite seem to get to that point of more free, more messy, more mixed media! Haha.

What I love about Mystele

She owns 'purity of intention', bravery of heart and rawness of soul. I don't know if I can say much more that that, those qualities speak for themselves, but it's just that she comes across as honest, raw, open, kind, compassionate and willing to look at herself. She's encouraging (has kind things to say, sends me short little emails of praise and thanks that cheer me up and on) and she is wide-eyed and open. (I think I already said open, haha!).

Whenever I watch Mystele talk or work I feel at peace, joyful and happy.

I'm SO happy she said yes to contributing to Life Book 2012, she is going to add so much to the course!

:) If you want to find out more about her, do take a peek at her blog and site over here:


Want to join us on Life Book 2012


  1. Dylan is probably feeling that his little sibling is coming soon. Some babies get very jealous, some change their behavior a bit. It's part of the fun I guess heehhe
    I love Mystele!

  2. Another great artist! Im off to explore this lady's blog, her work looks stunning. x

  3. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Mystele's work!! She, along with you Tam, have been inspiring me for a few years now! I'm so excited about this year long opportunity to be inspired!

    You're an amazing artist, teacher, and balancer of home, family, and art. Little Dylan is just teetering your totter.... giving you opportunity for more stretching, growing, and going with the flow! When he sleeps, you sleep. You probably know this already. Soon, when THEY sleep....
    loving you!
    Sweet Blessings, Chris

  4. Aw, I just love her work and she looks so friendly. I could not find a way to follow her though. I am kind of blogger dumb.


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