Thursday, 3 May 2012

Portrait nr 2 and IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! :)

15-20mins Portrait nr 2 3rd May

Here is my 2nd portrait for the 29 Faces challenge. Ok I allowed myself 20 mins today and would've gone on if my fancy schmancy pedicure appointment wasn't calling me! It's my birthday today and the pedicure was a gift by the awesome husber!

Had a pedicure, awesome lunch and surprise bday truffles from the restaurant! Fab bday so far! X

It was relaxing and fun and now my toes are all pretty! :) Today, I am Miss Twinkle Toes! :) We also had some super yummy lunch at my favourite restaurant (Terre a Terre, if you're ever in Brighton: go there for a mouthgasmic experience!). The food is insane there and the staff are so lovely! They gave me some free delicious truffles for my birthday with a little happy candle, see pic above! :-)

It's mah bday :) and I am blessed. X

Andy also bought me a ticket to the next Byron Katie event in london on 16th June! Wowsa! Being in the same room as Byron Katie is like being in the same room as someone like Dumbledore or something, ha ha! But seriously, it's going to rock my innards, or at least; my stories! ;)

Back to the portrait of today, I filmed the process which made me less free about it all. So, I'm not as happy with this one as I was with yesterday's one, but still, I'm quite happy with it, though I think the top head is a bit high and that hand was killing me, but all in all for a 20 minute sketch: pretty good! I really like challenging myself like this!

15-20mins Portrait nr 2 3rd May

por15-20mins Portrait nr 2 3rd May trait2b-700

So, I filmed the process and put if up for you guys, no fast forwarding!! :)) Hope you enjoy! :)

Oh and here is my updated calendar for my Life Book Page in May: 

Calendar 3rd May Calendar 3rd May

Back with a new portrait tomorrow! And THANK YOU to everyone who's been flooding me with bday love today over on FB. Seriously, I think a new msg was coming in every minute or so!! :) I feel so celebrated! Yay! x


  1. Sounds like you had an amazing birthday Tam... and oh my gosh... Bryon Katie... I have read her books... AWESOME!!! Love your newest portrait... I am loving the 29 faces challenge... seriously so much fun... ok... off to watch your video...

    Jenny x

  2. I love your work. And I know I'am a day to late, but still I want to wish you a happy birthday.
    Love, Melanie

  3. Happy Birthday!

    I thought I would look for images on google for reference too. What search terms did you use to find good images?

  4. Happy birthday to you (yesterday)! :) I like your portrait sketch! :) and the little charmer sticking up of the jacket! ;)

  5. Rose D., NJ USA4 May 2012 at 21:47

    Yeah...We share a birthday!!! Sounds like you enjoyed your day just as I did!!

  6. Happy birthday just a little late! Sorry, got behind in my blog reading and playing catch up today. Thanks for sharing your portrait video. It is hard to believe that you can turn something that fantastic out in such a very short time. I have a question for you and it may be really stupid but I am curious. I watched you put your gloves on before you started to paint. Do they provide a function? Are you making a fashion statement? maybe your hands are just cold? Sorry stupid question but I didn't know if maybe they help so you don't get smudges or something? Curious minds just gotta know!


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