Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Faces & Journals


 Oh hello again! No, I didn't write a blog post yesterday, but that doesn't mean I didn't do a portrait! :) Lookit, here's the one I did yesterday:

Face 6 - 29 Portraits
 I did this one in 30 mins. For clarification: whenever I can and have the extra time, I will spend more than 15-20 mins on it. :)
Face 6 - 29 Portraits

I'm pretty happy with it though I could've done more to it. The thing with only having so little time is that you never really make a finished piece. That's ok, but I'm aching to do a more finished piece. Hopefully I'll find some time for doing that soon!


 I've been awake since about 3:30am this morning. Dylan kept snoring and when I tried to move him to his own bed he was VERY disgruntled and promptly ran back to my bed. LOL. Then, I couldn't get back to sleep. I was lying awake just musing and trying to go back to sleep but it just wouldn't happen. So I decided to get up and do some more art in my Dylan & Elliot journal. And, I 'slayed' two birds with one stone (why would I want to slay birds? eugh, not a cool saying) and did another portrait as well.


Elliot & Dylan Journal - P3 

Elliot & Dylan Journal - P3

I'm really enjoying working in this journal, though I find my current colour combinations a bit 'drab' and the eyes of this girl are a tad lopsided and wonky. I love love love playing with the pictures of the boys. Adding paint and hats and crowns. Also, I'm enjoying adding the messages for them. I do hope that one day they'll take them to heart. :) The message in this page says:
"Dear Elliot, sometimes the angriest people need the most love. And it's ok if you can't be the one who gives that love to them. Walking away is okay."

 Things have been a tough here lately. After having almost no time to work for 2 weeks and then last week the childcare didn't turn up either plus a bank holiday on Monday (which meant again: no childcare), I am behind on work and it's stressing everyone out. Of course, we're managing, but it's all just a bit much at the moment. Anyhoo, speaking of deadlines, I need to get going on some new lessons. :) I will leave you with some of Dylan's latest Dylanisms and some instagram snaps taken this last week or so. Bye bye baby cakes. x  

Dylanisms circa 2 years 9 months old.
  • While driving in the car and passing a field: "look look! I saw a farm! In the grass!"
  • I'm talking to Andy. Dylan is a bit sick and keeps pinching my face. I say; "Dylan please stop doing that, what do you want ? Do you want some attention? Yes! I want some NICE attention."
  • I ask Dylan if he wants some cake and he says: "no, Dylan want to hugga mama."
  • Dylan on the farm: "Look! More geesies! No, more goosies!"
Elliot loves watching Dylan. This is his face when he looks at Dylan :)

He's having a ball :)

He makes my heart sing. :)

And don't forget:

Be brave.


  1. You do keep busy,even at 4:00am.I'm up early too but with no energy.Love this post as always.First drawing looks like you a little,yes?You are so photogenic.Beautiful you!Love to hear about your babies-darling.

  2. Your Dylan loves you too much to not sleep in your bed.

  3. I love reading your blog. It's so very entertaining. My kids have grown up a bit, but I remember those days. My daughter is however only 6 and still comes out with the funniest things every now and then. Get some rest!


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