Saturday, 3 March 2012

Work in progress

Typing this on the blogger iPhone app. Let's see if it posts in a way I like!

Here are some pics of current work in progress/ semi finished/ finished. I'm really happy with how the portrait came out with the lady with headband. I think I'm really developing my shading skills!

The blue/ green one is the first entry in my new journal! Trying to process some difficult emotions in that one. It's far from finished but I like where it is going. I finally bought some golden fluid acrylics which I used in this and I LOVE THEM. My god they are expensive but they are worth the money!

The colourful portrait is almost finished. I kinda "screwed up" a section of it but I still ended up liking the whole thing. :)

Happy Saturday groovy art gang! <3


  1. Beautiful! Hmmmm should I get some golden fluid acrylics? Will it improve my painting? :^) Patsy from

  2. Absolutely lovely Tam, they are all great but I especially LOVE the girl with the headband.

    I love my Golden paints, they are definitely worth what you pay for them, they last ever so long.


  3. Love them all. When my craft paints run out (they'll probably dry up first lol), I shall start buying Golden, 1 at a time, maybe 2?

  4. I love them ....beautiful color choices, you are so talented.

  5. Your shading is fantastic! She's really come to life and so pretty.
    Jess xx


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