Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Butterfly unicorn rainbow shine muffin balls!

More Elliot love. <3

On Life Book, the people who signed up to the early Rainbow Package are also entitled to 2 hours of Skype coaching with me. I limited this offer to about 50 people to make it manageable throughout the year, but gosh, just organising all these sessions with everyone living in different time zones and having different work/ family circumstances wasn't easy, but I now have my diary fully booked with all the sessions! I've already had 2 calls with 2 students and really enjoyed doing them.

It's so nice to get to know the students a bit better and really connect with what is going on in their lives. I find myself really deeply caring for what is up for them and want to reach out and make a difference. I used to be a hypnotherapist and nlp practitioner and found that the same thing happened for me then: through connecting with people on a deeper level, you realise even more profoundly how we are all just human beings with the same feelings and needs all trying to live our lives the best way we can. It's a humbling and sobering and moving experience to talk to someone for an hour or so like this.

In the call, students can talk about anything they want, they can ask me about their art, I can critique it or if they want to talk about personal things they can too or art business related stuff, anything they want. Part of me really wants to offer more of these sessions, but they are quite time consuming and difficult to organise while Elliot is still so little, but I'm thinking of making it something I offer in the future.

In other news, I like it when I follow a blog and they sometimes share links/ videos/ others blog posts etc that inspire them, so I want to do some blog posts like that too, starting with NOW! :)

So, here is a list of link love and internet finds that have inspired me lately: 
  • Girl's Gone Child: http://www.girlsgonechild.net/2012/03/on-finally-accepting-feminism.html - a touching post about a woman finally coming to terms with being a woman. Favourite quote from the post:

    "I had an inner strength. Two inner strengths! Dude might have been bigger than me but I HAD THREE VAGINAS, BITCH"
  • Jane Davenport: http://www.janedavenport.com/2012/03/19/you-are-invited-to-become-a-frolicaholic/ - my good friend and colleague Jane Davenport will be a guest teacher on 21 Secrets again and I just love the snippets of art she's posted. I love love her work and am considering taking one of her workshops soon even though I have no blooming time ... :)
  • There are certain people in the world who just make me feel sane, safe and happy because they are in the world. They're the kind of people that have qualities about them that are reassuring, like, my good friend Beatrice who has a heart of gold and buckets of empathy or Whoopi Goldberg who's comic timing is just genius, David Mitchell (from peep show, correspondent for the guardian amongst others) who just seems plain sane therefore making me feel sane. There are many more of course, and I want to highlight 2 of the many more here:
    • First up; The Bloggess - she is allround awesome. Proof here: http://thebloggess.com/2012/03/unicorn-success-club/ - the world is a better place because she is in it.
    • Second up: Alex Day (or: nerimon on youtube) - he is the kind of young kid (though he's not *that* young anymore) that I hope Dylan and Elliot will grow up to be:

  • Cool Vintage Photo Frames (FREE) from the Coffee Shop Blog via Geri Centonze http://www.thecoffeeshopblog.com/2012/03/coffeeshop-vintage-frames-25.html
  • Alisa Burke Free Class Finding Your Muse - check it out here: http://findingyourmuseonlineclass.blogspot.co.uk/
Anyhoo, those are some people/ blog posts/ art that have inspired me this week! I'll try and do posts like this more often, it's fun! :) 

Now onto showcasing some new art and a new art video by me!

In this journal page I used stencils and the mask of the stencil to make interesting background patterns. I really liked this page, though I really did not enjoy the purple paint splashes added with the palette knife. I hoped the knife would have a brayer type effect, but it did not. Nevermind, in the end I was happy with the spread. :) I hope you like it too!

And here some photos of the spread:

Argh, I really don't like putting a link on my photos as I look at it now, but if people don't link back or credit when they re-post our stuff we're a bit forced to. Not sure if I want to sacrifice aesthetics for exposure though ... Harumpfff. Will be pondering on this. Also, it's a load of extra work to put links on all my photos.

Oh well, ending this post on a happy and will say: butterfly unicorn rainbow shine muffin balls. ;)

Stay groovy!


Oh PS. I want to do this thing that Tara Leaver is doing on her blog: ending each blog post with what you're currently: reading/ thinking/ tasting/ seeing/ touching/ hearing! So here goes:

Reading: "Unwind" by Neal Shusterman & "Eating Less" by Gillian Riley (will blog about this one, it's making a huge difference to me and my eating behaviour so far!)
Thinking: On the concept of 'feeling safe' in one's life and how one maintains that feeling even if external factors would cause one to not feel safe - think: Byron Katie, non-duality, Eckhart Tolle, Alan Watts
Tasting: water, at the moment!
Seeing: Hipstamatic and Instagram photos of Elliot, Dylan, Andy and Myself (see below).
Touching: Soft baby blanket material wishing they made duvets for grown ups out of it.
Hearing: "Night & Day" Sarah Blasko
Smelling (Tara doesn't have this one but I'm adding it in!): Mango Body Butter (Bodyshop) Mmmmmh!

My loves today <3

In love with this guy's smoochie face <3

After having just had my first Life Book Skype coaching session with the lovely Lorri, Elliot and I have gone for a little shop. The weather is so springy it makes my heart sing!

Dylan making friends with doggies in the rain :)

Morning antics :)

Beautiful love. <3

now over-and-out for realsies man. ;)


  1. Heehee that picture of Dylan and the dog!! So cute.

    Do you know how to create actions in Photoshop? Very convenient for doing automated stuff that you need to repeat. Stuff that basically has the same steps. You'd basically create an action that would: put www.willowing.org on a photo, save the file (or save as) and close it (+ anything else you can think of). Then you'd either run it on all photos in a certain folder, or individually on photos you have open. Voila! It's super handy also if you need to resize a batch of photos or stuff like that.

  2. love this...love your new painting, her ink is awesome. The pic of Dylan in his red slicker and boots is adorable!
    Cary Scholes

  3. Your new painting is lovely!
    I really had to smile with the blogpost at Girl's gone Child; BAM! :) Also thank you for the link Finding your muse... looks so juicy!
    Those currently's are fun, I think I'm going to use it too in my next blogposts too. :)

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Cute family you have here, your little boy is so cute.

  5. What a wonderful post Tam. Thank you for sharing yourself and your art with us!!!
    Jessi xox

  6. Such a beautiful family, beautiful heart and a beautiful spirit, you have!

  7. oh! what a surprise. that's my senses shared prompts! lol

    loved that link to the woman goes child. wow
    and the blogess is a legend.
    baba is sooo cute.

  8. and btw, in case it's of help..

    i create a watermark (image that is text of my url or name) in photoshop. save it so it's ready to place in a new photo. then reduce the opacity on it so that it doesn't stand out so much.


Thank you for connecting with me. I appreciate you! <3


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