Saturday, 3 March 2012

Testing another iPhone/ iPad app for blogger

Hello again! 2 blog posts in a day well wowie! I'm hoping to post more often and shorter posts and a blogger app would be useful for that but def don't like how the other app posts photos, hoping this one is better!

Oh great! It. Let's me post photos within the body! Great start :). Above a pic of my boys in the park this morning. And here more Dylan on the swings.

The day actually started really badly. Dylan just would not cooperate and I got really exasperated with him. Bit when we finally managed to get out of the house it was pretty lovely AND I managed to go to hobby craft and bought some more art supplies! Yay. Anyhoo, here some more pics;

Now let's see what this looks like on the blog! xox


  1. Lovely family photos, Tam! What a good looking family. :-)

    I'm not sure what app you're using, but I like BlogPress. Only thing is you have to be sure to check Flickr as your host instead of BlogPress. The quality is way better that way from my experience. Anyway, just thought that may be helpful in case you're still looking or haven't tried that one yet. It looks like whatever one you're using here worked great, though.

  2. I just downloaded the bloggerpress for my ipad too...gonna give it a try. Thanks Rischa for the info!

  3. You have such a lovely family. I like the way your photos turned out. Have a great week!

  4. Hi Tam, The post looks great on my computer. What app did you use for this post? Elliott is gorgeous! Yes...I remember those days when big brother Nicholas got a little testy when his baby brother Christopher was about the same age. I always compared it to how I would feel if my husband had brought home another wife...all in all, I think they handle it quite well, having the limelight robbed by a beautiful new bundle of joy! Big hugs to all ♥

  5. Love your Posts, Tam. I have two little ones, 4 and almost 3. I feel your frazzle. I've used BlogPress for a while. They finally fixed it and I usually don't have a problem with it. I've also used Blogsy on my iPad. It lets you do a lot more, especially if you are HTML savvy. (I'm not). But, I did have problems with it a few weeks ago. It rearranged my layout on my blog. All my columns were messed up every time I used it and posted with it. I had to delete the posts entirely. They seem to have fixed it but, I always check my blog after I post just in case.

  6. What a lovely family. Certainly like the photos. Hope I get to see my family like this. Thanks for the beautiful photos.


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