Thursday, 28 April 2011

You are the Sky.

You are the Sky - close up 4

Hello babyloobas! (It's a new cute word I've invented :)) -- Soooo, we went camping and I started a 30 day vlog challenge which has birthed babies all over the youtube net. I haven't posted my vlogs here as I kept forgetting, but I shall post the camping ones here and link to my youtube account in case you'd like to follow all of them. I'm excited because I'll also be vlogging on my bday and on the day of the first scan of 2nd baby!

Here are the camping vlogs:

On the way there and setting up the new tent (I haven't camped since I was 18 Ha!)

Camping in somerset, day 1.

And day 2 - getting more and more exhausted and the journey home with a really good view of Stonehenge, which, oddly, is right by the side of the road!

If you want to follow the rest of my vlogs, go here:

and here is a picture of the tent set up:

Camping in Somerset

Also, look at how this funny digital overlap mistake came out. I really like it. The cam just did it by mistake:

Interesting Digital Weirdness


Above is a close up shot of my new painting, 'You are the Sky'. Full painting is here:

You are the Sky

(For sale, msg me if you're interested!)

I created this on wood which was prepared with clear gesso. I LOVE clear gesso, it really prepares the wood well and still shows the nice grain of the wood. Thank you Yolanda for sending the clear gesso to me as a present! :) The clear gesso has an awesome 'tooth'. The one I have isn't too grainy like my other non clear gesso. Really loving it!

Here are some more close ups of the painting:

You are the Sky - close up 2

You are the Sky - close up 5

You are the Sky - close up 1

Oh, also, I've been really intrigued and moved by this lady (see below) who's had a near death experience and describes so eloquently what happened to her during the death part. It totally moved me and gave me a lot of comfort and reassurance around death. :) Watch it, it's amazing! I'll only post the first part of the interview and links to the other 4. :)

vid 2:
vid 3:
vid 4:
vid 5:

Snugs and Hugs to you all. Feeling a lot of love today. :) xoxox


  1. I can't use any other gesso now! Clear gesso is the best. But when you scan it it makes it look all grainy. So I just add a very thin layer of beeswax over it. But it's awesome! The white gesso by liquitex is the same toothyness but it's thicker.

  2. Tam...very moved by your recent vlogs and your willingness to share your life and thoughts. Thank you! And happy almost-birthday!
    Also, I've just watched all the videos re: near death experience. How fascinating! I'd love to hear what others thought of them.

  3. this is so beautiful. I love everything about it and the vibrancy of the colors. So wonderful :)


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