Thursday, 7 April 2011

The day is full of love

Well now, I even impress myself! Another blog post 3 days after my last! Scooore! :)

So today is a day full of love. Mostly from the sun and the sky, it is SO pretty outside, it can't not fill your day with love, look at this:

I could stare at spring buds against a blue sky forever.

I took the sunshine as a sign to go out and shop today. Yes yes, sunshine means go buy stuff girl! ;) I went out bright and early and it was just lovely browsing around town, everyone was so friendly and chatty, I was so friendly and chatty, it was like everyone, wherever I went, was my friend. Spring really does bring out the best in people.

So I bought tons of liquorice. I had cravings for liquorice in my pregnancy with Dylan and the craving has come back, so I'm now set for the whole pregnancy with many pounds of liquorice. Ha ha.

I also got lots of other bits and bobs done and bought me some trousers too! It was a productive, chatty and blue-skyed morning.

Oh and lookit what I created yesterday! I started learning screenflow, an awesome screen-recording & editing program and filmed myself creating some digital art and made an art video out of it!

If the youtube vid doesn't work for you try the blip version:

I both enjoy creating digital work AND the editing a lot. The program for editing really allows for making awesome tutorials. I'm so pleased! Now I know for sure that I can create a quality course on photoshop and digital art! yay!

And I've just been near tears and so inspired by this man's kindness:

I always feel SO touched when people care like this for others, for me that really touches on the interconnectedness of us all. I love that he cared. I loved that he did what he did I love that he helped. Amazing.

So, that was my list of love for the day.

Stay groovy my people.



  1. Great videos, great post. Thanks for sharing, Tam!

  2. Tam you are so clever! That was amazing watching that picture come together.xx

  3. that video clip was so cool! I have photoshop myself but im not very good with it!!

  4. that video touches my heart.. the world needs more people like that, and i strive to be one of them!

    thanks for sharing -

  5. that's so beautiful...i could watch this again and again. seeing how a fairy girl comes alive.

  6. Oh, WOW, Tam! You just blew my mind away! I'm so totaly taking this course! It's not gonna take you too long to make it, right? Right? Right?! Cause I want it now! :))

  7. It's a lovely time of year Tam and many congrats on your pregnancy! Jess xx

  8. I was absolutely entranced for this whole entire video, thanks for sharing.

  9. oh oh! I cant wait, I was hoping that was just what you would say at the end of that video! So looking forward to taking that class!!!!! Yea really , hurry hurry! I so want to know how to do that!

  10. Thank you for the video!! I so enjoyed watching you create! :) It's also prompted me to download Screenflow and take a look at it. Again, thanks!

  11. Beautiful video well done Cheers janet keen


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