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mother and daughter

Hello land o' blogsies.

Where was I? Well, since I last blogded (it's a word cus I say so ;)), stuff has happened which I would've liked to have blogded about, but no time. So much for updating once a week! Meh. Mooh. I'm gonna change Meh to Mooh, much more fun, that cow association. ;)

Ok, since I last wrote, Andy and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary on 16th February. I created a book for his birthday (in January) with contributions from all his friends, it is an awesome book. This was my contribution to the book. My everything about him him him, the love of my life. I wanted to share it here as he is a magic human and I want the world to know:


Because you sing 'Bommadee Bear' with me on difficult car journeys to Ikea. Because you don't mind cleaning my hair from the shower drain over and over and over again. Because you make me smile wide. Because you call me 'grumpy little butterfly' when I am in a bad mood. Because you dance so sweetly with Dylan. Because you co-wrote 'Stinky Mason' with me. Because you are compassionate, patient, kind. Because you think your IT skills are better than mine even though they aren't. Because you are the best cook in the world. Because you are sensitive and considerate about all my hang ups and issues. Because you talk to me, really talk to me. Because you listen to me, really listen to me. Because you keep searching, deep within. Because of how you love Dylan. Because you are true to our authentic way of living. Because you're still here and you're still going strong even though it's not been easy. Because of your enthusiasm and support for my art work. Because you are despatch. Because of 'you got your worlds, your journals, your faces'. Because you talk about your pain with me. Because you understand. Because you take Dylan in the mornings and let me sleep for another couple of hours. Because you invented 'the oodlebub'. Because you are awesome at making up silly song lyrics. Because you're quick to point out that I suck at making up silly song lyrics. Because you love me fiercely and passionately. Because you make me feel beautiful no matter how I look. Because of Mr Pickles, Big pickles, humpy bumpy lumpy, ellie-ant, monkey & bunny. Because of 'The Art Teacher'. Because of Sri Lanka. Because of prickly beard kisses. Because you own 'the best place in the world' (your neck). Because of your amazingly long arms which you stretch out when you dance. Because you never pee on the toilet seat. Because you let me pronounce some English words incorrectly and relish in the hilarious pronunciation (opaque - ohpacky). Because you watch 'Friends' with me. Because of 'Bird Guhl'. Because of the 16th February (ok and also the 20th July). Because you kissed me at Bank Station. Because you think I'm funny (sometimes). Because you are on this incredible parenting journey with me. Because you don't mind it when I'm stinky. Because you cry during father and son movies. Because you dress Dylan in the most atrocious clothing sometimes. Because you are pretty. Because you do the laundry and the dishes. Because you are committed to non-violence, processing, personal growth and self-awareness. Because you look handsomely delicious in a suit. Because you dream. Because you are an amazing dad. Because you always lose your wallet. Because you are lovely lovely lovely. Because you are patient with the messes I create. Because you accept that everyone in the house 'has a room' but you. Because you 'birthed' the hurwarwra monster and sing the 'Dylan and Daddy - having a good time - over the sea' song. Because you too like peggle (but you're not as good at it as me! ;)). Because you snore cutely when you sleep. Because you introduced me to the parsnip, because you introduced me to NVC, because you are everything I have ever searched for in a friend, companion, husband and soulmate. Because of all of those reasons, I made you this book, to express my admiration, love and complete devotion to you.

Je t'adore forever always.
xoox Tam

I did lots of new art, amongst which is my new mixed media art doll statue with which I am SO happy. :) Initially I wasn't too happy with the wig, but after styling the hair I now really like it. I absolutely love what I did with the body and how it's so similar to the mixed media grungy paintings I do. :) I wasn't sure how to achieve grunge on a 3d object as you can't brayer on it, but I found ways! :) let me know what you think of this lil lady! :)

You Matter 8

You Matter 7

You Matter 10

You Matter 5

You Matter 11

You Matter 4 - back view

(she will be up for sale soon if anyone is interested!)

Additionally I've done a few more 'paint over collage' paintings, for me there is so much expression in these and I can put so much of my soul and deeper stuff in these. I'm a little addicted!

the lady and the wolf

Timeless Wisdom

Remember I'll be teaching this paint over collage technique in the 21 Secrets Workshop for which registration starts this Monday! :) I'll be sending out an email on my ning site with all info on Monday and a blog post too! :)

Oh, there is so much more that I have to share, but it's late and I have to go to bed because the little man will get up at 5am again.

I will leave you for now with a 30 minute video of Dylan (oh and some pics of us too that I hadn't shared yet), I spent last weekend filming little bits of what we did with him (it's mostly him on slides and doing some monkey climbing, very fun). Oh I also included the intro to the paint over collage lesson for 21 secrets as it was so funny how he kept interrupting me. I made this video mostly for my parents, but you guys may also be interested, it's quite fun to see him so busy! He's nearly 19 months old now and is our amazing little star!

I'll be back soon for part 2 of the tam update.


deesha & mummy

deesha & mummy

I have very exciting news that will get its very own blog post soon!

I hope everyone is well, sending you sparkles & muffins!


My love strength and support goes out to all the people of Japan.


  1. Wonderful words, gorgeous artwork! Have a lovely weekedn Tam.

  2. Tam, this is such a wonderful post:) I took your last course- the one you had for free- and I enjoyed it tremendously. I love the doll you made and would like to know if you will do a course on this- I'd be VERY interested. Let me know:)
    I'll also be looking forward to your post on the upcoming class. Thanks!
    my art blog:

    my history blog:

  3. Love the warm face and the message of love to her unborn child--especially love her lips! What are her dimensions?

    Well done.

  4. you lady, and your husband, are amazingly beautiful together. xxx

  5. what a lovely post, with the lovely words to honor Andy, the beautiful art and the pictures that show such love in your family. the doll sculpture is amazing!

  6. Wow Tam, huge post!! ;)

    I love your entry into the book for Andy, so kind and loving and full of emotion.

    I also love the art doll you made, I hope you'll be making more as she is fabulous!!

  7. Only just discovered your blog and im already a huge fan xxx

  8. such a wonderful post. I enjoyed all of your photos and your family is so beautiful!


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