Saturday, 26 March 2011

Whispers & butterflies.


So, not sure if it is/was the supermoon or mercury about to go retro but the drama continued on sturdily in Tamland! Yesterday, poor Dylbee took a tumble down a slide and scraped his little face. We were in accident & emergency again (luckily he is ok but pretty badly bruised on his face). I also received a pretty distressing email and have been feeling sicker with coughing and sneezing than I ever have. When it rains it pours huh? :)

Still, there are bits of light, whispers and butterflies in the chaos. I met up with the lovely Tara yesterday and had a wonderful chat about spirituality. The weather has been stunning, blue skies and spring buds coming out of trees everywhere. Paint splashes and a burgundy red colour deep bleeding into my soul and I met a lady today who was 84 and she was fit like a 60 year old and told me she herself had a 60 year old daughter. That inspired me so much. I love it when 'old' people don't act or feel 'old' and just do their thing and just live brightly and lightly. I find that so uplifting! :)

art journal - march 2011

But, pregnancy hormones are definitely kicking in. As I was sitting in the car earlier a song by the late Michael Jackson came on (you are not alone, I am here with you, though we're far apart, you're always in my heart), and I couldn't help but cry. I feel sad when I hear MJ songs nowadays and I think the hormones are intensifying my emotions at the moment.

Dylan, though he had a tumble and he looks like he's been in a boxing match, has been in good spirits which means I've also been connecting with him more happily and deeply. He too made me cry today when he imitated something that I do without me prompting him. (I make 'houses' out of blocks for all his little figurines' and he tried to do the same thing and it was just super moving to me).

Anyway, within the chaos, I'm continually trying to stay in the touch with the butterflies. :)

Today was a bit easier.

Sending love. x

art journal - march 2011

(More new art journal pages HERE). xoxo


  1. Tam I send to you a lot of hugs... how sweet is this little Dylan? I hope the butterflies continue to lift you up! you deserve it! you are special!

  2. Tam ! You're never alone.. how could you ! I'm right here :D

  3. Hormones and being sick- double whammy for feeling the blues. Hang in there, your voice echos around the world, and touches the heart of us all. Hugs from "Down Under"


  4. aaaww, sweetie. Sending you a big hug!!


  5. Dear Tam... Pregnant is synonymous with emotional! Glad that Dylan is okay-ish and the house blocks is adorable! Take care,
    Rosie =)

  6. I love that strong queen. An awesome page.

  7. Hey sweetie, you are NEVER, EVER know that. You are truly, truly loved by many. Those hormones can be a b#%$*$. Sending you huge hugs and a big 'ole u, Yolanda

  8. Love your artwork up above on your post today Tam! I hope you always keep the butterflies in your life and live it to the fullest! You'll have no regrets when you're older if you do!

    Hugs to you,

  9. Aww poor Dylan, my 2 kids were very accident prone when they were little.

    When I walk my dog I see a lady who is 70 and she is so full of life it's inspiring, she's fit as a fiddle and walks miles in all weathers, the other day she stopped to chat and made me listen to the sound of woodpeckers in the trees, such a great feeling!!

    Love your artwork Tam and the narwhal is fabulous!!

    Love and Hugs

    Micki x

  10. Hugs and love! Sick sucks, but Dylan's lovely mimicry is soooo touching! <3


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